• Sunday 9th of February •

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So what an evening to report on! Once again our Ladies Only Party was set in a beautiful apartment in London’s most upmarket area. Four huge bedrooms, a huge living room and four luxurious bathrooms were ours to explore, free from inhibitions. My lover Carla, and I, arrived a little later than most of the other ladies, as we had only finished a sexy threesome with a lovely client earlier that evening. The ladies were already either semi-naked in lingerie or fully naked and making out in every available free space. This time I decided to wear skin tight black leather trousers with a simple shamrock green camis that exposed my dominatrix style black bra and formed a Y shape around my neck. I felt so sexy!

I must be honest though.... Carla and I were both a little low on energy. Carla in particular, as she had a wild night of sex the previous night and only got home at midday. Besides.... we both just had an orgasm during our threesome.... the plan was to resist and keep our energies for the party, but the minute I touched her and I begun to make love to her.... none of us could stop.

As we arrived, the music was chilled, One Dance by Drake greeted us as we both settled down on one of the sofas to relax and get attuned to the scenes in front of us. There was a big bed to the right on which there were two couples. The first were in a deep embrace, one girl on her back and the other in between her legs and lying on top, her beautiful bare ass sticking up for us to enjoy. Beside them, another couple, this time the girl on top was dry humping her lover furiously, her long dark brown hair hiding her face.

Carla quietly slid her hands between my legs and rubbed the leather against my pussy lips. It felt so so smooth as she started slowly and then increased the pressure and the pace. We never looked at each other the whole time, instead we continued to take in all the beautiful women and sexy scenes in front of us. One lady caught my eye, a tall, blond girl with a stunning figure. I resolved to talk with her later and see if we could connect. Meanwhile, Carla surprised me and took out her phone. It is not allowed to use your phone, but this party was a little less strict than others. I thought she was checking some messages, but then she surprised me again and turned on the video! She whispered to me that she just had to take a video of the scenes, they were too sexy to miss. I was worried she would be caught but at the same time was very turned on by the thought of being able to capture these sexy scenes and replay them later.

The music switched to Wicked Games by Parra, very appropriate for this room. On the floor, right at my feet lay a woman on her back, her big breasts gently bobbing as another girl, in between her legs, licked at her crotch underneath lace black panties. She in turn was naked, on her knees and with her ass up in the air with two naked girls fingering her pussy as they deep French kissed each other. Carla turned and handed her phone to me, telling me to wait until she left the room, then turn on the video to get her coming back in the room amongst all these sexy women. Now I was the one nervous about getting caught but I agreed and quickly turned on the video trying to pretend I was intently reading a message. I pressed record and waited. And waited. And waited. No sign of Carla coming in, where was she. A few minutes later, she came back in, “oh sorry I went for a smoke first and forgot!” There, my tired distracted Carla..... Anyways, I captured more sexy sights, like a woman giving a lap dance to a red head on a couch on the far side of the room, a woman in a short black dress with ankle boots followed by a gorgeous petite woman in an all in one lingerie set, manoeuvring around two naked girls on the floor. Carla and I then moved from room to room, talking with some of the girls, watching others and also getting involved in some couples love making. I had one very hot moment with two girls that were licking my breasts as Carla ate my pussy out and after that, I licked my tall, blond girl’s shaved sex. It was very intense and over all too quickly. There was so much going on in that room that it was hard to focus and remember everything that happened.

Before we knew it, the party was winding down, but there was a lovely moment where a group of ladies were all together in the middle of the living room, the music was Miss Independent by Ne-Yo, another very appropriate song for this evening and this moment. Young women, completely free of any worries or troubles, no one judging them, just dancing together, in their g-strings or nude, enjoying life and living in the moment. It was such a beautiful thing to see, I wished the night could go on like this forever. Sadly it could not and we called our Uber and made our way out into the cold night. Carla gave me a deep, long kiss and I felt this overpowering lust for her, so strong that I could have stripped her naked right there in the street and made love to her. And then my Uber arrived and before I knew it I was sitting, alone, in the car, waving her goodbye. Talk about frustrated! I cannot wait for the next ladies only night and will of course be blogging about it once more, I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my night out....

Mandy 26th April 2020 at 10:20 am

Dear Elizabeth – although lockdown is clearly necessary, it’s now getting pretty tiresome.
However, it does mean I have more time to browse the internet for naughty things 🙂
Which is how I came across your lovely website.
I’m a fully bisexual lady, just like yourself, so it was brilliant to ‘find’ you.
Me and my partner Chris are very lucky to have found each other, it would never happen by his initiative but I love to share my Bi-sexual world with him and so he sometimes benefits from a special treat, if he’s been VERY good, of a threesome with a lovely, bisexual escort (something I’ll have to ‘investigate’ with you when we’re out of lockdown).
Absolutely love this Blog – it’s so sexy and erotic, and the photo of two pairs of ladies on the bed has set my mind racing.
I’m getting really quite turned on…. and it could be that lucky Chris will benefit from all this as I’ll ask him to give me that ‘release’ right now….
Tantalising body strokes and sensual kisses,
Mandy (and Chris)

Chris 30th April 2020 at 10:06 am

Dear Elizabeth,
You’ve had some comments from Mandy on your Ladies Only Party stories.
Well, I’m Mandy’s partner and I am VERY grateful to you for providing stories that really turned her on, so much so that she wanted to ravish me, and me to ravish her, after she’d read them.
They really cheered her up because, although we all know lock down is a necessity, it’s now getting a bit tiresome and stressful. She’s taken to investigating ladies-only parties for when lockdown ends. I just love to see her so turned on, something that can only be of great advantage for me later on 😊 ….
Also, for when lockdown ends, she is very keen for us to come and see you as a couple for a threesome. Mandy’s shown me the photos of you and I have to say I agree with her taste entirely. We look forward to more stories of your erotic adventures. And to the lifting of lockdown so we can come and see you.
Keep safe,
Chris (and Mandy)