• Sunday 15th of December •

Here is the story of what happened at the #girlongirl party I went to at the beginning of this month... took me over a week before I found the time to write, I knew I had to make a concerted effort... there were too many memories, too many sexy scenes to describe, organize and be put in the best, most erotic and flowing order.... this is how it went...

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I finished work late that day so I only arrived at the party around 11:30pm. Ladies were already in full swing by then... the party having started at 8pm.

My Carla was waiting for me 🥰 I was in contact with her throughout the day. When she told me she is coming, that she couldn’t imagine not seeing me that evening, a very special excitement made my whole body throb all day in anticipation...

For the party, I donned a black suspender belt with black holdups and a black see through body with a floral element around my breasts, the three together looked so sexy... I decided to add just a one piece dress on top of it with high heels and that was it! Once at the party, my idea was to chuck the dress away and wear just my lingerie.

I found Carla right away. Omg I was so excited.... I hadn’t seen her for a month as she had been away in her home country. Mmm... she was so sexy, in very tight jeans showing her perfect long legs, high heels and a tucked in white female shirt showing her beautiful dizzying cleavage. Her boobs are so perfectly formed I couldn’t believe that this was my sex date.

I know I said this already regarding  the party in October, but I really couldn’t believe that literally, what looked to me to be the most sexy and beautiful girl in the whole place, was my own delicious toy for the whole evening...

This time we were in a huge four bedroom modern apartment in the heart of Mayfair. By the time I arrived all the beds were already completely occupied by naked female pairs, wow what a scene... me and my Carla found a place at the end of one of the beds. Slowly but ‘adamantly’... we moved towards its centre and ended up enjoying most of the bed all for us.... at the head of the bed, on the pillows, were 2 more couples one on each side. It was too much to take in and I focused on my Carla...

Finally in each other’s arms, I loved so much to make love to Carla.... she is such a hard to match lover. Kissing, touching each other sensually, kissing so tastefully..... warmly and passionately, I missed all this.... and oh, it all made so much sense to me.

At previous parties I have caught myself several times being overwhelmed and unsure of whether this was exactly my scene. But at this party that happened maybe only twice throughout the whole evening... and only very fleetingly. I loved how fully comfortable I felt, a true part of this wonderful community of liberated women. Gorgeous, intelligent women, professional, dominant. Or almost.... not all of them were dominant, but I’m running ahead of myself. There is a bit more I need to write about before we get to that scene.

Me and Carla made love on every single bed, we tried every room available even sneaking into the VIP room where later in the evening supervision was slack and the girls could pretty much walk wherever they pleased. My memories go to that moment when me and Carla, in one of our most heated embraces, found ourselves distracted by this other couple next to us where the girl’s moaning kept increasing and became so loud, in the full throngs of ecstasy, nearing sexual completion while her partner kept doing everything she knew to help her reach that blissful goal. The girl was so loud that me and Carla couldn’t help but stop and look at each other, smile, then look at the girl, extend our hands and caress her, touch her heaving breast, enjoy and take part in this very live and very real sexual scene under our eyes...

Another moment was when there was just not enough space on the bed and me and Carla had to just smile at each other and agree it was time to move on to another room. Another sofa... another carpet.... there were naked pairs of girls everywhere.

One of the scenes I can’t forget and for which my body still reacts with the bliss of memory... was when Carla lied on her back on the bed, her long and sexy legs bent, her feet on the ground. I was between her legs and begun by pressing my boobs at the bottom of her beautiful pelvis, from there I moved upwards still pressing my boobs all along the front of her sexy body on my way to her lips, to kiss her, to feel her saliva with my tongue, with full abandon, but always lovingly... before moving back to go between her legs and doing the same thing again, on and on... bliss.

After having explored this way the whole place, me and Carla took a drink, sat on one of the sofas and watched our surroundings, the girls on the bed, the girls making out on the other sofa... soon after I looked at Carla and said ‘would you like to invite someone else?’ Right away Carlas’s eyes turned and stopped in the direction of a girl who sat on the steps leading up to the central vestibule.

I had noticed that girl earlier, very beautiful in a natural sort of way. She was barefoot and wore only a simple single color summer dress, no underwear. Carla’s choice made all the sense to me.... I proposed to go and sit close to her, Carla sat on her right and I sat on her left side. The move was quite fast and we started talking to her but quite soon we asked her whether she would like to join us. She said yes.... we took her hand and lead her to the VIP room. Her dress was off in a second, Carla begun kissing her and soon grabbed her hair and pushed her head between her legs. Oh my Carla.... yes I know she likes to dominate. What happened next is that the girl was so turned on by this that she said, eyes wide, huge grin, how she is submissive and loves to be pushed around that way. Oh my what a perfect pick I thought to myself... while she sucked Carla’s pussy and was on all fours, I kissed and caressed her whole naked body, going down and sucking her lovely and tasteful pussy at the same time.... we played like this for a half hour until the organizers came and announced that the party was over.... 2pm.... everyone please get dressed and make sure u get safely home.

I have to say I was entirely satiated by then.... but my Carla, of course, didn’t have enough and wanted more! I had a big day the following day and I also knew I was going to see Carla again in the evening so I was a good girl and called an Uber after I’d made sure Carla’s was on it’s way. We went off to our respective homes and the next morning, as I thought... Carla told me she was very satisfied and blissfully tired too.