GIFs & Teases for Me & You ❤️

As many of you know I used to have a very sexy, sensual and erotic Twitter account.

Sadly Twitter didn’t think in the same way and decided that I was too “forward” and to permanently block me. Hmm…. I’ve wondered many times about this logic because for all that I could still see many other accounts which were downright porn but all still up and running. Oh well!

Long story short I am building another Twitter page - though much tamer! But during that first period I have downloaded from the net so many naughty GIFs and clips in which I do not feature but that I would still really like to share.

So I thought…..why not make a page on here and upload all of it without restrictions! I’ve got tons of material, it’ll always be a work in progress…but I hope I can amuse you 😉 it’s all very tasteful….. check it out 💋💋💋

I love this suave breast touch… I am meeting my duo partner Naomi today for more photos and more GIFs of us together - I would like to do something similar with her and I will share it when ready… but meantime, enjoy this.

I am very bisexual so I will start this page by uploading this 4 different moments of two girls together. I love sensual GIFs….. they always hit my naughty spot.