GIFs & Teases for Me & You ❤️

I love this suave breast touch… I am meeting my duo partner Naomi today for more photos and more GIFs of us together - I would like to do something similar with her and I will share it when ready… but meantime, enjoy this...

I am very bisexual so I will start this page by uploading this 4 different moments of two girls together. I love sensual GIFs….. they always hit my naughty spot.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🥰✨💐❤️

Love and Kisses from Your Loving Elisabeth 💋💋💋

I have picked a few more GIFs that I would like to upload. There are so many and they are so beautiful….. but these six I couldn’t resist. The touch…… the gentle touch……. the way you would touch a petal, or a woman’s line of beauty, or a woman’s flower…….

Lately I’ve been fantasising quite a lot about ladies. Even though I have threesomes all the time that is not the same as me being alone with a girl. I think I need a purely lesbian experience…… I imagine going to a lesbian bar in Soho, standing by the bar and waiting patiently for that eye contact that will change my evening…… ❤️ though I love men equally, and so much, there is nothing like a beautiful woman to steal me completely away….. would you agree?

This is one of my favourite GIFs ❤️ don’t you love the slow movement of his tongue and her divine skin dotted by shiny beads of sweat

Or these two girls…. how strongly the one holds the other as she places her on the table…. mmmm I have been either one of these ladies in all my fantasies. I also want to hold one so tightly as I place her on the bed for me…..

The detail of the two hands intertwining on her knee and that kiss….. it makes me throb….

Yes baby, come sit on my lap ❤️❤️