Me & Emma 💐

Welcome to Emma and I ❤️

I am so excited to finally share the pictures and GIFs of me and my beautiful friend Emma.

It is for you, to tease and invite you to join us when a hot desire for a delicious threesome is all you can think about!

We have been all over each other during so many threesomes, and most recently, guided by our threesome plans for the future, we decided to organize a duo photoshoot, our photographer and videographer being no other than my other gorgeous threesome girlfriend Naomi!

How much fun we had being all together shooting sexy and gorgeous fem-on-fem pictures, we felt like three naughty princesses.

It was easy to get into the mood, everything around us felt regal as we sorted out our outfits, and Naomi carefully studied the room layout, the lights, and prepared her camera equipment. To match the ambiance both Emma and I slipped into our sexy black lace lingerie. We had the room for a few hours only and did not want to waste a moment.

The deeply sensual dark wood was a perfect backdrop for Emma’s skin tone and voluptuous curves that I so love to touch and kiss. I was almost ready to cum just by watching her excitingly dancing around the room with me. She moves like a goddess.

You should have been there with us to see it. Maybe next time?

The atmospheric fireplace, breathtaking as it was, could not compete with the fire our bodies exuded into the room. A giant four-poster bed had our names written all over it. It felt so welcoming and it was so much fun to try this or that erotic set-up on it! We could have luxuriated in that bed for days and nights, I know it will forever remember the soft weight of our writhing bodies.

It took me a couple of days to recover after this escapade. All the touching and arching and twisting in the heat of the moment utterly exhausted me, but in the most pleasurable way. I think I can leave that to your imagination…

Threesomes with Emma and I will also leave you breathless and ecstatic. I can guarantee that.

We are sensual, playful, attentive and caring and very naughty together!

To give you a little preview of what to expect, imagine four soft female hands caressing your body from head to toe.

You can just lay back and let us indulge you in this unbelievably erotic foreplay. We will lead your senses into overdrive, sensually curving over you, our cascading hair tickling your body and igniting the smouldering passion within you.

After this long sensual foreplay we can make any of your threesome fantasies come true. Get lost between our two hot bodies, underneath our four hands and two sets of lips…..of both kinds….

Who would say no to that?!

Imagine your cock being sucked at the same time as your tongue reaches for the juices of a pussy sitting over you. This is just one of the scenarios we were imagining while playing and shooting our pictures and videos. We were horny for each other but we both really craved a good stiff cock to join us in this game.

The three hours passed by way too fast. I can’t believe how we managed to change into two more outfits! A large part of the excitement came from watching each other, anticipating the outcome of the pictures and videos and sharing it all with you.

I really hope to do this more often. Exhausted or not I loved the afternoon spent with Emma and Naomi, it was full of creative erotic magic.

If you would have been there with us, we could have tried using the posts of the bed too. My mind is spinning with ideas. Very naughty ideas! Ask me and I can share some with you. Or better still….book Emma and I so we can guide your fantasies directly into ours……

I can promise you there is never a dull moment when all of us are together.