Your bisexual escort London


It seems that bisexual escorts in London are becoming more popular by the day here. What is happening that duo escorts London are all the rage now?

When lesbian escorts in London first came up it was more seen as a pure thing for lesbians. Now it is becoming more mainstream and bisexual fun in London, either girl on girl or via threesomes is much wanted now.

I think this is a great development that escorts for women and women’s desires are so much more valued now and can be satisfied. Recently I did many threesomes my self and me being bisexual I had so much fun either way. Hmmm having a nice girl caressing my sex while a man is paying me attention too is just heaven on Earth or should I say now sexual heaven in London?

So if you are looking for duo escort Londonlesbian escort London or girl on girl London or whatever you want to call it, just get in touch with me.

I can arrange an extra female or a male partner. Give me your wishes and tell me your plan and we work something out or if you prefer it to be spontaneous fun that can be done as well of course

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Kisses from Elizabeth