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Elizabeth of London
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 by Al Tim
Thank you so much for an epic night last night.

It was tremendous fun and I think you could be quite addictive! And thank you for arranging with Michael too - he was so perfect for that role: respectful, professional and kind. A great evening. We might do it again sometime! 😘

 by X & Y
Thank you Elizabeth

Our hotly anticipated threesome with Elizabeth had been delayed for various reasons. Emails had been going to and fro. However, I'm very pleased to say that when we finally met her at our hotel suite, she lived up to all our expectations. She's very attractive, elegant, easy to talk to, sexy and sensual - and exudes a relaxed confidence. This was our second foray into the world of threesomes - we're still "newbies" to this kind of thing. After an initial laid back chat - Elizabeth ensured events flowed naturally, spontaneously and everyone felt comfortable. We booked her for 2 hours. I wish we'd had a little longer. I'm sure we'll be seeing her again at some time in the future. Thank you Elizabeth for a very memorable evening.

 by Tim
Dear Elizabeth

Would love to have had a bit more time in bed with you but what we had was lovely and loved all the chat too. Quality. Lovely kissing, lovely hands and sublime pussy..... I could have dined on her all night. My willy feels like he's been well looked after.... First time in a long while!! Big kiss. Sleep well xxx

 by F

Are you ok? Your dinner was fine? The show was great for me! Thanks for our time together this afternoon, really want to see you next time. Kiss 😘

 by Dx
What can I say?

You and Naomi are both Fantastic, sensual, natural, sensuous sexy, intelligent and (literally) mind blowing 🤯 I am still on a high. THANK SO MUCH - Hope we can do it again - soon. I am planning the opera. 😌 😍💓 Dx

 by Jonathan
Thank you -

Thank you for giving me your attention and beautiful care on Tuesday. I felt honored. I hope that we shall meet again soon, Jonathan.

 by RJ
Lovely to meet you today,

Such a great way to end the week/start the weekend. Appreciate your discretion and how you eased me in to the situation. Just read your blog on the all female party that you talked about today, I’d love to know more about the options of you with another lady, although today was so great I’m thinking just you will be enough to keep me more then happy…. Have a great weekend x

 by Nigel

She’s absolutely lovely, great to chat with, and
super sexy too! Saw her only a few days ago, and I’m already thinking when can I see her again!

 by Phil
Elizabeth -

Thanks for a great time this afternoon and sharing your beauty with me.  It was awesome! You rock! Best to you! Phil

 by Yat
Hello again,

I just wanted to email and say thank you for last week. It was fun meeting you. You offered such care and attention and it made my week. I hope you are able to spend more time writing, your encouragement has led me to write quite a bit this week! Thanks again x

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