• Sunday 20th of October •

My adventure at one of the ‘ladies only’ parties I sometimes go to, I had to put pen to paper in the days following as I kept processing all the new intense visions and memories.... to write the story of my evening. This is how it went.

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I’m very tired today.... I got home around 2/2:30am last night. It was a truly special evening, so many new visions and memories I still need to process.... I loved the party. This time there was also a lot of sensuality and a lot of just posed and pleasant talk.

The organizers booked two suites at a prime location in central London for this event. There was a lot of comfortable space for hanging out, talking, getting to know each other, and for all kinds of naughtiness... two beds, two sitting areas and two spacious bathrooms.

When I arrived I was welcomed by the ladies who organized the evening and saw the rooms were already quite full of gorgeously dressed girls. I sat on one of the sofas and began to watch... soon catching sight of a few girls I already knew from previous similar parties and we started talking and having fun.

Soon after that I ran into Carla, an extremely intriguing and sexual girl whom I have already been with three times, once at a party.... but also at my place. She took me to the bathroom and the bathtub... yes we got naked and made love in the bathtub. Girls kept coming in and out the bathroom to use the loo, but we were there and I guess it made a lot of sense for all to stumble into that vision during a ladies sex party... and on the way to the loo at that!

There was not even a tiny space free on the bed. Though there were two beds.... not sure what went on in the other one. But on this bed u had 8/10 fully naked girls having fun with each other and I loved to see sensuality as well, slow kissing and slow touch.... I got mesmerized seeing that, slow and sensual is by far my favourite.

The next party is in December and I will love NOT to miss it. I like it a lot..... it’s special and very different to the usual nights out we are all used to. I can’t wait to be on my own there again and get to know them more, talk to them more and make new like minded lady friends.

It was very naughty..... Carla is very naughty and drop dead gorgeous. In some ways I can’t believe it she gave herself so completely to me again, she is truly BI.... it is amazing to experience this. Even though I have been BI all my life, to actually seek ladies in my private life is still quite a recent personal development...

Towards the end of the evening, after we got dressed and left the bathroom, me and Carla sat on the floor in the living room / hang out area, where also the makeshift bar was. We spoke and caught up. After some time I kissed her, and we started making out again. She pushed me on the floor and as I laid down on my back she came on top of me and began to sensually and passionately massage me with her whole body. She kissed me again and pressed her female diamond against my leg, she pulled me up so she was now ensconced in my lap and I teased her panties with my index fingers, slowly teasing and coming close to her well groomed beautiful flower. I sensed her encouraging moans and I began gently fingering her. I asked her whether she wanted two fingers and she said yes. So I entered her and she told me ‘faster’.... I moved this way with my fingers until she came again... we kissed and she pushed me down on the floor laughing and telling me 'this is crazy'! It was crazy because we were literally in the middle of the floor and the girls sitting on the 2 sofas nearby saw every single thing we did. It was like they had a live show and we could just be there on the floor making love totally unbothered by the female audience. These parties are truly in the name of full freedom and full sexual expression....

Though for my style of deep loving I most definitely prefer a private 1 to 1, last night’s party was very interesting for reasons also outside the bed, or from a voyeur’s perspective.... I like these girls, I spoke and got to know a few and I enjoyed their honesty and ease, how open we all were.

Today I’m very tired but suffice is to say......

Next time again!!!!!!! 🌹🌹🌹❤️