Questions and Answers

Listed below is a selection of frequently asked questions.

Yes I am, I am fully vaccinated and boosted.

I am based in Kensington. My nearest tube is Gloucester Road.

Yes, I am happy to visit you anywhere in central London.

I sure do, please refer to my Specials page.

Very much so! I love to be with both, ladies and men, and will be very happy to arrange one for you if you want me to. If you wish to read more about it, please check my Blog and my Bisexual Escort page.

I love notice, the more the better! But I know that this is not always possible, feel free to reach out whenever and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

I certainly do, I’ve got lovely oils we can use.... for me personally there is no way better to start an intimate session than with a relaxing, sensual massage...

I adore sensuality. 🥰️ it’s the only way..... check my Twitter feed and see the things l like to post @SexyElizabethUK. I love all things erotic and passionate.

As many times as you like.

I do, very much. 🙂

Please always wear a condom over your finger, or fingers, which I can provide - this is for hygiene purposes and for my own comfort. 💋💋💋

I do not offer early morning meetings, the earliest I can do is 11am, sometimes 10am...

I certainly do and love them, but only if the transfer is instant. Once I see it in my account we can begin our session.

Hey lovely 🙂 that’s totally fine, sometimes I can miss a call. Just leave me a voice message and I promise I’ll get back to you ASAP.

I sure do, I have an extensive collection of lingerie, evening dresses or uniforms. Let’s talk about it, take your pick and let me know.

I sure do. Talking and getting to know each other better over a lovely dinner or event, can only add to our connection, and make the intimate part of our meeting even more special.....

Yes, it really is! I have blurred my face simply for the purpose of discretion and for our mutual privacy. Rest assured my face is pretty, feminine and lovely as the rest of me.️

I am available most days 🙂 and of course the earlier you book the surer the chance I am free whenever you like.

Hmm..... it depends. Most of the time I need to hear a voice too before I send my full address. This is just to make sure we are both respectful, kind, and compatible.

Absolutely! And I do expect that, unless you have showered at yours before coming. I’ve got plenty of hot water and clean towels 🙂 my shower is modern and easy to use.

No I don’t, I’m teetotal 🙂 but please feel free to bring any drink of your choice you might like to enjoy at mine as we get to know each other.

I don’t have a favourite position, I think all of them can be special in their own way..... 💋

Feel free to reach out via email, call or text. If via email or text, sometimes I might need you to call me before I confirm our meeting.

I love to start a session by talking. As a matter of fact, that’s always the case with me. I prefer that so much more to “getting down straight to business....”, a thing I hardly ever do. We can enjoy conversing for as long as you like 🙂 whatever makes you feel most relaxed and comfy.

Yes I do, but sometimes I need to make sure we are compatible before I accept.

Hmm, let’s say that I need to get to know you first, or at least, I need to get as much information as possible about how exactly you like to be dominated. If I feel I can do that and I feel comfortable with it, I’ll be more than happy to let loose on you!

Nope, I do not. I’m a GFE, sensual and erotic is the only way I like it.️

Yes, I do. Please check my travel info on my Specials page.

Always. The only way we can fully relax and enjoy our time together is if there is full respect between us....

I absolutely love to have my back tickled or kissed, caressed, lightly touched, you name it...... this can never be done in any wrong way. Nothing relaxes me more than having my neck, back, the back of my bum and legs thus gently paid attention to....... 🙂

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