Me & Naomi

Me and my Duo Partner 💐 ✨

Who doesn’t love threesomes?

It was so much fun when I went to Naomi’s a couple of weeks ago. After a nice catch up we changed into sexy lingerie and this is the result…

I am so excited about this photoshoot and so happy I can now share the photos with you.

It’s all about suggesting to your naughty minds a lovely way to be together in three… of course a third person is missing in the photos but we hope that by looking at me and Naomi together… so sensual, erotic, playful and naughty, you might like to join us sometimes. 🥰

Would you like to?

Reach out to me anytime you like and I’ll be most happy to assist you in arranging your perfect threesome.

I loved taking these photos, and I can’t wait to take more. Looking at the screen until we were happy with our positions and the hidden, subtle messages we wanted to convey… and then press “shoot”. So many times…. by the time the evening came we knew we could not continue any longer! We were done!

But until that moment it was a constant and fluid rollercoaster of positions, ideas, trials, jokes and good feelings all round. I love them all and here they are for you…. do call us if you find yourself teased to a level you can’t resist and your body is asking for more….


Kisses and hugs

Elizabeth & Naomi

At the end of our threesomes we like to record ourselves together to create Gifs, improvisations and little naughty teases for you ❤️ I will be attaching them on here ad infinitum…. this page is growing…..