I left London on the 8th of September to go to a very remote diving spot in Indonesia.

Looking back, this is one of the best things I’ve done in my life.

My trip has quite a few stops along the way so let me start with Singapore.

I had booked a lovely room for two nights on the 43rd floor of the luxury hotel Marina Bay Sands. I couldn’t wait to spend the whole day by the infinity pool on its roof and hopefully meet someone to share the entire experience with…

As I came up to the 57th floor and walked along the pool I kept checking the other guests relaxing on the lounge chairs. Half way through I saw a tall man lying by himself, and an empty lounge chair beside him. That was my spot.

I don’t remember which were my first casual pick up lines but the minute I heard his Brazilian / American accent and looked at his face omg I was really interested. He is handsome… I told myself. Forty years old, a tall Brazilian business man from San Paolo.

Mmm how nice it was to get to know him… I liked to spend a considerable time just talking, sitting close to him or with him in the water, the only downside being that four hours later he had a plane to catch.

I loved it though… I think that one can have sex just by talking to someone and flirting, but when I realized that time had come for him to go and pack and in one hour leave, it hit me that we didn’t have all day and that the time was way more limited than I had thought.

So I kissed him… it has been such a turn on listening to his sexy accent all afternoon that when I realized time was soon up I regretted not having done that earlier (something he also said, more than once). I still had the chance however to wrap my legs around him under the water and kiss him passionately. Very soon we decided to go to my room...

I couldn’t wait to feel him.

I needed to taste and dive into this attractive Brazilian male energy, play with it, enjoy it. We didn’t have much time, but we spent it well… and I held the small packet of condoms he brought with him all night in my bed. No… I am not obsessed… just trying to hold on to a very special experience for a little longer if I can... 🥰

You have understood by now that I love meeting interesting men, to get to know them, very quietly tease them and flow along a very slow build up. I find the play of all this interaction utterly delicious.

I loved to feel him… to be free and passionate, the freshness of the first time, it was a brilliant and spontaneous afternoon where I felt everything is possible. I have his number now, he comes to London for business, regularly.

I can’t wait to listen to your sexy accent again Filip.