Threesomes are becoming increasingly popular. And are good fun rest assured.

But I am busy preparing something new: the combination of a well skilled erotic masseuse warming you up and relaxing you together with my skills as a very experienced and well “equipped” escort.

Just imagine how you can first chill with amazing massage that starts on your back and after you turn around becomes more and more erotic. A good erotic masseuse will let you “Ride the wave”. It means you come very close to ejaculation but you just don’t go over the top. An experienced masseuse feels your body and knows when to stop just in time. And will start building you up again. She can play with your prostate, the male G spot. Bring you into unknown territory that you didn’t knew even existed.

When you are about to explode, as you can’t hold back anymore, I come into play. To bring you even in a higher state of arousal and let you go completely over the top. Multiple times if you like.

Need a breather? The masseuse is back for you to chill and relax you and soon her efforts are teamed up with mine to bring you again to a state of complete erotic nirvana.

New in London! The ideal combination of a skilled masseuse and an escort. Either working on you together or one by one.

Like to try? Send me an email with your wishes and desired time slot and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

It will be the hottest and most sensual experience you had for a while believe me.

Sweet kisses