Have you ever met your Sexual Match?

Someone with whom you feel completely realized in bed, lose all your boundaries, and for the first time in your life feel completely satisfied sexually.

I don’t know whether I have met such a man, but I like to fantasize now about a recent experience………….

We spent three hours together on our first date. I had no idea what was in store for me when he met me outside of his hotel in Tower Hill and walked me to his room. In three hours this man came four times. At this stage I didn’t swallow him. I became obsessed about his sperm later.

What made my body notice him is his vigor, his energy and untiring sexual hunger. An almost animal intuition turned me towards this man and I’m not sure whether it was this time, or two days later when I went to see him again that I told him “You are my match.” He is forty-seven years old.

He first brushed that off with: “You tell this to everyone.” But those who know me know that I am a very direct and “in the face” kind of person (for better or for worse!) and that I always like to say exactly what I think.

As I mentioned, we met again two days later. And in two hours we fucked three times. We met again the following day, he came to my place and we only had the time for one passionately HOT course. I asked him “Does your wife know that she has a Sex God in her house???”

His eyes said “yes”………………….

He invited me to come to Paris.

Three weeks later, in Paris, we both experienced something that has never happened to either of us before. From the minute he picked me up downstairs, in the lift where we couldn’t stop kissing, to his room……. the passion, the energy we both seemed never to run out of, I lost count of how many times we had sex. I also became completely obsessed about swallowing his sperm.

After he came inside me for the first time, he stayed there. He never lost his erection and after kissing me, and holding me……….he begun to pound me again in his sperm and my extremely wet pussy. When he came the second time he told me that he’s been inside me for almost an hour. His body, his cock, his delicious pre-cum, his hard-ons which never stopped coming, apart from a dinner we spent apart because I had plans with a girlfriend who lives in Paris, the entire time we were together we couldn’t stop touching each other. We fucked until about two in the morning, and fell asleep in spoon position, his cock inside me and still erect.

It was like a sexual heaven, unreal, abnormal, inhuman. How can this man cum and then get hard again almost immediately. The deep kissing, his beautiful skin inside me, his gorgeous body, my juices trickling down my thighs and all over his balls, me licking everything off when I’d made him cum with my hands, I loved so much licking and swallowing everything off my fingers, his skin, his dick, my face, his navel. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Not to mention how much he loved to eat me…….. I lost count of my orgasms, he couldn’t stop devouring me, and by the time he was done his cock would be rock hard again and ready to slide inside me as far deep as he could possibly push….. the afternoon, the late evening, and next morning, we must have done it eight times. And I know I didn’t sleep. The whole night I desired to be aware of his body next to mine…….

You see - what happens when you meet your Match is that the energy never stops coming. It’s like we both gave each other infinite power, and I could have stayed up all night fucking, but he had a late morning client meeting so we decided to try to sleep.

Neither of us really did…….. I didn’t want to.

Earlier on, after dinner I met him on the steps that lead down to the Eiffel Tower. On the right hand side there is a park, with trees and benches, it was almost dark. We walked down the gravel path, stopped by a bench, under a tree, and I couldn’t stop touching his crotch, holding him, and kissing his chest. He asked me what I think about having sex outdoors. If we were out and about, and there is no room or bed, would I agree to fuck him outside. I gave him a flat no. But afterwards….. and right now, after our night in Paris, I’m not so sure. I truly believe that I wouldn’t have a choice……. that I wouldn’t be able to say no…….. that if he said “I want to fuck you now” and we are driving somewhere, I’d probably just let him find a place to stop and fuck me against the car, into the wild, somebody’s garden, or a car park……..

Would I ever manage to get anything done if I lived with such a man? Maybe in time we would calm down but I would never let this man play with himself alone and waste precious sperm ever again. We’d make love every single evening, and at every opportunity. Every single morning, every single afternoon when he worked from home. I’d not be able to focus on anything else until I’ve had him inside me. Until I’ve had his gorgeous sperm deep inside my pussy or down my throat…….. we wouldn’t leave the bed unless strictly necessary, I don’t know when I’d be able to sleep……… I now dream of his sperm, of his body, his kisses, his arms around me, of licking off his maddeningly delicious pre-cum, of making love to his dick with my mouth, of swallowing him whole and licking everything off his crotch……….. I’d lick off everything even if he came inside me………………………it’s wild. This is what a Match does to you……….

And do you believe me I really met such a man ??????????? No I haven’t !!! But I sure wanted to take you with me and feed into your dirty imagination, along with mine, take you into my fantasies and hopefully make your passion boil……………….. you don’t mind do you?