Dedicated to Mr T.

It is very beautiful to be with a girl. The love making is playful and soft, the curves of her intoxicating, the long hair, the skin, her smooth touch, her round peachy delectable ass.

On another hand, playing with two girls, or three girls at the same time, is a whole different playing field. The combinations are trebled, it is no longer just you who are sucking somebody’s boobs but you are sharing those boobs with another girl and sucking them together. You are no longer exclusively dedicated to one lady but are in the company of three ladies whose constant seduction, female lust and unconstraint will push the bounds of even the most perverted minds.

Our foursome with Mr T was exactly like this. Looking back, I feel that in the course of the four hot steamy hours we spent together, we shared, expressed, created an erotic world that for us defied even our imagination.

Mr T loved to watch us engage in every possible way, wanted us to interact the entire time, coming up with all kinds of rotating scenarios. I remember that at one point Emma and I were on the bed locked in a very erotic cunnilingus, Alice was on her knees taking care of Mr T as he sat on the armchair facing us. After a few minutes Alice stood up and came behind Emma, holding her hips and making the wonderful motion of fucking her with a strap-on, I was laying down watching Emma between my legs, feeling her delicious tongue on my pussy, Alice standing right behind her and Mr T on the armchair slightly to the left eating us all with his eyes. It was extremely arousing to be watched, the stunning chain of ladies, I could hardly believe it and yet they were in front of me in all their marvellously sexy lingerie.

We gently took Mr T’s hands and asked him to lay down between us on the bed. We took care of our man like three pleasure goddesses would, kissing each other in front of him because we knew that he loves it, constantly kissing and sucking each other’s boobs, engaging in sixty nine, syncing into a sensual six hand massage, everything was multiplied, I couldn’t have chosen a better pair of naughty ladies to share this with.

Mr T you were the greatest gentleman throughout it all, so very kind, generous and open minded, you allowed us to truly be ourselves and to enjoy each other whichever way we liked. In hindsight I cannot remember all the so many erotically divine positions we got up to in the course of our evening, but I feel a special pleasure now as I pick and focus my attention on some of them, I want to describe our time together the best I can and have it forever immortalised in my blog. Countless snapshots crowd my mind as my focus tries to catch them: I hope that you, Mr T, will like my report.

Mr T, do you remember when Emma and Alice were on the bed and you and I stood right next to them, watching them? Emma was on her knees licking Alice’s oh so sensitive pussy when soon her legs begun to shake and tremble, how beautiful Alice’s orgasm was, how arousing her tremulous body, her feminine curves, her legs wide open and eager to receive, her legs still quivering but closed because she couldn’t take it any more. I cannot forget that moment. You then moved to lay down next to Alice, I walked to stand behind Emma who now begun to kiss you. You loved Alice’s taste on her lips, I loved Emma’s divine buttocks against my pussy, caressing her thighs, her crotch, her back and neck…..

We enjoyed a moment of laughter and cuddle, but it wasn’t long before Alice with her killer smile asked me to lay down next to you and announced that she wanted to lick me. There we were again Mr T and I in an embrace with Alice this time between my legs. I made myself fully comfortable and paid attention to the texture of her tongue. I noticed that it had a perfect mixture of a smooth and slightly rough surface, it was of a quality that not only wetly massaged my clit but also created a certain kind of friction, her circular motion covering a delightful area around my clit and labia, she obviously loves to eat pussy! I caught myself wondering whether all lesbian tongues were like this, I know that by now my fantasies ran wild but there were many that tried to capture the pleasure that I was feeling as her tongue continued to eat me. I don’t often have sex with a real lesbian and I really wanted to find out in what ways if any it is different from being with a bisexual lady! I liked it….. it turned me on, it latched on to and pulled forth my lesbian side too. The perfect and slightly coarse texture of her tongue continued to stimulate me, her lips and her licks took care of my clitoris in the most wholesome way, the fire in my pussy’s been simmering for hours and I knew that Alice’s wet wide strokes will be the final touch to ignite the full intensity of my release which now escaped me, even without me being fully aware of its momentum as she continued and I screamed for pleasure and held her blonde hair and pushed her face deeper into my pussy. Omg Alice your lesbian tongue is perfect !!!!

The scene on the bed changed naturally, we’ve been enjoying each other for so long, with freedom and lots of spontaneity, and now us girls wanted to return the favour. It was time for our dear Mr T to experience what we hoped will be an orgasm off the charts. The three of us surrounded him and took charge. Alice was between his legs about to do something she is an expert at, wearing latex gloves she begun fingering Mr T’s ass. Earlier he’d told us that what he really loves is a girl sucking his cock, and another one his balls. He also regaled us with a new term: tea-bagging.

Have you?

So then it was my turn to suck his cock, Emma “tea-bagged” his balls, a long drawn stimulation that begun slowly, gradually increasing speed, Alice very dextrously massaging his g-spot. The three of us entered into a beautiful synchronised effort to please our man, we licked, sucked, fingered, felt Mr T’s legs become tense and eventually start to tremble, like Alice’s a few hours ago…… I felt him, I felt his pleasure mount and come ever closer to meet us, we continued, we paid attention and made sure to sync our movements perfectly. All of a sudden Mr T’s voice changed, became deeper, his entire skin on edge with the intensity of the pleasure he felt in his body, his excited breathing confirmed the extraordinary climax we all wanted him to reach, loudly he begged me to stop and in that moment his sperm begun to fill my mouth, his cock pulsating and emptying itself till the last drop. I didn’t move, I held Mr T’s semen in my mouth and waited for his orgasm to be truly over, Emma still holding his balls, Alice caressing his thighs, I now truly believed that we’ve given him an orgasm that he’ll never forget.

Are we seeing you again in June Mr T? ❤️❤️❤️

What a pleasure this evening has been, thank you. ❤️