We were sitting on the couch getting to know each other. The suite was very spacious and well decorated. The huge size of the bed was one of the first things I noticed. It was perfect.

The conversation was about spontaneous fivesomes, fantasies, past experiences and naughty wives. I particularly enjoyed listening to the saucy tales about their wives, the two men I found myself seated in the middle of this evening were full of them.

Gabriele and Andrea are two successful Italian gentlemen who love to explore new things in their spare time. I’ve enjoyed many threesomes and moresomes in the past but this evening felt different. It followed untrodden paths for me in the way that I never accept an invitation from two men unless I know them well. But the emails of Andrea and Gabriele carried something that put my mind at ease and, if not for anything else, I had became eager to at least meet them.

Our flirty conversation continued for quite some time before any of our six hands ventured to explore. My body’s sensations changed a lot during this exchange. From curious, to simmering hot, from submissive and hunted to a playful hunter, from extremely excited to somehow exasperated because all I really wanted was to undress them and take them to the bed with me.

My thoughts were in overdrive and for a minute I was taken back to the two beautiful women that I noticed at the bar earlier when I walked into the hotel. They looked glamorous and very attractive, obviously lesbians. In fact, I stopped for a moment to look at them before continuing on my way to the lifts. Their obvious chemistry turned me on, what a delicious mixup of arousal since I was on my way to spend the night with two men. I’ve never seen such a beautiful lesbian couple in my whole life.

I became aware of Andrea’s hand tracing a line along my thigh to my hip, my right breast and ear. The game was finally on. Gabriele leaned over to kiss my neck, and while Andrea stood up to help me undress Gabriele gave me one of the most amazing saucy kisses I’ve ever received. Everything felt heightened this evening, their joint company lifted everything to a more intense level, the prolonged flirt took my body to a pitch of intense excitement which I barely managed to control, I wanted to be part of their vision and dive even deeper into their minds.

They told me to lay down on the bed, tied my hands and feet to the four corners, blindfolded me, and left the room. What the hell. I am totally befuddled now. Why on earth have they left, this is so frustrating! I want them….. they should be ravaging me now….. I’ve become so hungry for them I am ready to feel them naked and let them do all kinds of things to me….

I waited and waited. Then I heard the sound of ladies giggle, on the marble floors I could clearly discern the tapping of stilettos. Andrea and Gabriele’s voices were also recognisable now, I started feeling MAD! Have they left me here tied up to this four poster bed and gone to pick other girls? Perhaps booked another room? But the keyhole to this room begun to rattle and all of them walked in. The ladies’s voices were not dissimilar to those of the lesbian couple I watched downstairs. This cannot be. I was blindfolded but I was sure now, these are the two ladies and they are now standing by the bed very happy with what they saw. What I soon found out is that these two spectacular women are Gabriele and Andrea’s wives.


They never removed my blindfold, I never knew which of the ladies was on top of me, whose tongue licked my lips, who was between my legs. The whole scenario was so new to me but there was something about being in their company that made me eager to try anything, if this is what they wanted, until the very end.

Because I was unable to see, my sense of hearing and my skin became even more attuned and sensitive. Tickled by the soft, smooth long hair of the ladies, Gabriele or Andrea’s cock often rubbing against my swollen labia and then gently pushed into my mouth, my tongue and lips eagerly responding, their hands on my boobs, the ladies’s lips on my nipples or between my thighs and all the kisses, I understood that all they wanted was a slave, a girl to toy with amid their fucking. Someone to be there tied to the bed for their pleasure, to dominate and use. All I wished for was to feel each cock inside me at least once before the evening was over. I would have understood if there was some kind of agreement between men and wives that prevented that, but omg I really wanted the husbands, too. They have teased me to death with all their rubbing, each cock seemed perfect, so smooth and wet and hard, the thought of them having been shared by the two women before me turned me on so much, and perversely, the fact of being “in a queue” as it were only made me more eager and wetter.

The action slowed down. How much time has passed? I lost all sense of time and space. I realised that the ladies were now kissing, Andrea and Gabriele’s comments described a very hot lesbian show happening right there next to me. I was dying to see it but before I could say anything I heard a condom wrap being torn, someone grabbing my hips and a cock slowly pushing between my legs. All this happened so fast, I finally felt a beautiful, thick and slippery cock effortlessly sliding in despite its massive girth. How good it felt, the unexpected prolonged foreplay has rendered me wide open and sensitive, the friction inside my pussy gave me pleasures I rarely feel, so heightened, so relentless, in such perfect harmony with my clitoris and nipples, my body must have been covered in goosebumps all over. On and on this cock fucked me, I didn’t know whose it was, my hands tied to the bed, I couldn’t move or touch anything. Everything seemed multiplied, the women’s groans very loud by now, they seemed to be giving each other so much pleasure, I tried to watch them with my mind’s eye as they fingered each other furiously, this man’s thrusts between my legs making me moan furiously too, so much, so powerful was the escalation of pleasure and orgasm in my body that when my time came to scream and convulse and tell to whoever it was to “please don’t stop! Keep going!” I was swept away, even beyond my skin, to a perfect, incredible, unimaginable climax.

At the beginning, when we sat on the couch just me and the two men, they mentioned “spontaneous fivesomes”, and the so many dirty tales of wives, it all made sense to me now. They wanted to make this a “spontaneous fivesome” for me, it must be. What a night, what a role play. My mind was still all over the place but I knew that as a scenario this must now enter under the “Must Do’s of Sex”.