The three of us converged in Paddington, on time. The hotel was a bit complicated to navigate but we didn’t need the swipe card for the elevators and eventually found our way to the more modern recently built luxury tower.

I kept repeating to myself “I wished that this happened more often!” how nice to dive into an adventure with my two best buddies. We knocked on the door and a fit middle aged American man named Jeff let us in. Once we refreshed in the bathroom and changed, giggling and ready we softened the man with casual talk, but it wasn’t long before we stepped closer, surrounded him and started kissing. A four way kiss, eight hands slowly exploring and touching, four bodies becoming naked and erotically fully engaged now.

My vision brings me back to kneeling Naomi with a cock in each hand swapping her mouth from one to the other, licking and sucking now on the left, now on the right, on and on and on, it was spectacular! The two men stood and couldn’t get their eye fills either. I felt a strong urge and moved to kneel on the floor behind Naomi, I wanted to lick and kiss her back all over. My hands on her boobs, my kisses on her neck and shoulders, feeling her naked skin with my really sensitive nipples, the two tall man in front of us standing cocks fully erect and hard, commenting in turn on how gorgeous Naomi and I looked.

I am sure that you understand by now why I still kept repeating to myself that I wished this happened more often!

Are you in the mood for a foursome?

We used the bed in so many different positions. Naomi had multiple orgasms especially when Michael stood by the bed, her mouth on his cock, Jeff fucking her from the front and I sucking her nipples lying on the other side facing Michael. It was glorious. Eventually I placed myself on Michael cowgirl and told him to fuck me, Naomi on my side sucking Jeff’s cock who stood by the bed facing me and the whole scene on the bed.

Looking at Jeff’s eyes darting from me, to Michael, to Naomi, never resting in one place for more than a few seconds was extremely arousing, I had the three of them in front of me too and my eyes had a hard time not doing exactly the same, but the feeling in my pussy begun to escalate, the sensitivity and turn on bringing me closer and closer to climax, I had to close my eyes when my whole body contracted, my fingers flicking my clit and the words to Michael “keep going, don’t stop” taking me to a very loud and powerful orgasm, I let my screams go and enjoyed every minute of the delicious wave of ecstasy that every time floods my entire body when I cum. This was enough to make Jeff shake and cum into Naomi’s mouth, who took him all in as she always so perfectly does, the sperm trickling down her mouth and beautiful spotless ebony skin.

How filthy we all were at the end of it !!! I took Naomi’s and Michael’s hands and led them to the shower with me. Naked and still giggly we massaged our bodies with soap, the three of us showering at the same time, cleaning each other’s bodies with very erotic moves and soapy strokes. Kissing Michael’s chest I realised that he still had a massive hard on. I turned towards Naomi and kissed her reaching with my tongue very deep inside her mouth gently pushing her downwards to kneel with me. I looked her in the eyes and saw that she knew exactly what my plan was. As I massaged Michael’s bum cheeks and asshole, I licked his balls while Naomi sucked his dick. Michael held himself with both hands against the wall, this is not what he expected but oh my god how sexy to have his cock worshipped by two gorgeous beautiful women eager to please. The hot water tickling and caressing our bodies, he was so close to cumming, I could feel it by the contractions of his balls, his asshole, his pulsating dick so closely sandwiched between my face and Naomi’s. Michael asked us to kneel side by side in front of him, he begun to stroke his dick slowly at fist but soon with increasing speed until he came all over us kneeling right there under his own creamy shower, his sperm on both our boobs and faces, how sexy it all was, I kissed Naomi and licked everything off of her, held her beautiful body in my arms until we all three collapsed so happy and spent, never realising that Jeff had been standing there the entire time watching us, wanking, and ready to do it all over again………..