At ten thirty in the morning I heard a loud knock. I was still in my pyjamas and not expecting anyone.

I opened the door and there in front of me stood a very handsome olive skinned young man, broad shouldered, curly dark brown hair and two beautiful full lips.

What a yummy sight….. what is going on? Two other men caught up telling me that they are carrying works in my building and that the old intercom needs replacing.

Why doesn’t this happen to me more often!

Please come in, yes yes please come in. I tried to keep a straight face and look nonchalant, but I felt bothered and my body was alert tense and greedy, when only a minute ago the only care in the world I had was making tea!

Initially the curly black haired young man worked alone while the two others came and went supplying tools.

I want to chat him up but what if right then one of his colleagues walks in, what a beautiful pair of wide shoulders….they lend such an attractive strong shape to his body, his lips are made to be kissed, shall I write my number on a piece of paper with my name and give it him? What a pretty face, and how respectful and professional he is, he must’ve been brought up well. Why those two keep coming and going! If I could only shut the door and be with him alone. Unfortunately none of my fantasies come true, I’ve waited too long, I should have acted faster, what is wrong with me, the three of them are now working together solid and I’ve missed my chance.

After forty five minutes they were gone and I, by myself now, needed to let off some serious steam. How can such a brief encounter throw my body completely off course? It took me a couple of hours to cool off, I didn’t even know his name…

I was mostly annoyed with myself for not having acted faster, at the beginning, when he was alone. In the course of the next few days I wondered whether I’ve become rusty, whether I should go back to practicing the very sexy game of chatting up men in public. I know that most of them turn out shy and caught unawares just as I was when I heard the knock at my door, but there are also men that know how to play the game, it is like second nature to them and believe you me, these ones are worth all the trouble.

But even if him whom we chat up turns us down, the whole exchange can be such a turn on.

On my way out a week later, I stood waiting for the lift. In the exact moment that it arrived the olive skinned young man came walking to a storage room nearby, I was inside the lift now but the doors were still open and there was nobody else around. I stepped out and said hi, I suddenly felt free and confident, somehow out of my mouth came the words:” I wondered if you’d like to come out for a drink with me sometimes”.

Very politely he explained that he was flattered and that I was a very good looking girl, however he has a girlfriend and cannot accept, he thanked me kindly. I casually smiled and replied that I was glad to have had the chance to ask him.

It didn’t matter to me that he isn’t free, I found the bridged distance between us alone so horny, it really turned me on, in that question all my fantasies were somehow redeemed, the door that I opened for them was enough. I walked out of my building with a smile, feeling somehow high on that interaction, reaching out to him made everything possible, all my fantasies were set free even if I we went our separate ways.

The story is not over. I’ve run into him again.

I was on my way out, this time no longer wearing jeans or a tracksuit, but heels, open décolleté, skirt and stockings. I found him again by the elevators.

I said hi how is it going. He played casual but I could see his eyes darting between my short skirt and my cleavage. Lift doors opened and we walked in. This was my chance to know his name so I asked him, he replied Tiago. He asked for mine, (so  you are interested….) but way too soon the doors on the fourth floor opened and he went out, not without sneaking one more glance at me just before the doors closed. Tiago. I checked his name, says Portugese or Brazilian descent. Damn Tiago, again my mind can’t focus on anything else; again I wished I’ve stepped forward and stolen at least a kiss, those full lips r so tempting I really want to try them. Again I wished I’d said more. I wished I’d told him that I am not looking for a boyfriend….

Since then I’ve run into him again but he wasn’t alone. My building is a big one, it’ll take them months to replace the intercoms in every flat and I am very patient when it comes to flirting, cooking, or hunting… whichever word you prefer. 💋

All this recent talk of courage and chatting up people has affected my dreams too.

When I was in Venice this past Christmas I met a girlfriend for a catch up coffee. Her name is Nadia. We have a friend in common who years ago told me that he thinks she is into girls. In fact, as I sat close to her at the coffee shop and watched her speak I felt attracted, I caught myself needing to exert extra effort to focus on what she was saying, a couple of times my mind just flew off on some fantasy about her. I’ve forgotten how beautiful she is.

Just before my alarm clock rang this morning I found myself with Nadia again, we were standing facing each other and she was talking to me. I became aware again of how good looking and attractive she is, my thoughts of chatting up people still fresh in the back of my mind, I decided I can’t do this any longer, I won’t play cool this time, I’ll be bold, I stepped forward, took her pretty face in my hands and kissed her. Her body tensed up for a moment, I felt her brief confusion as my lips begun to feel hers, but soon her body relaxed and her lips started returning my kisses. I sucked her lower lip, her kisses became bolder, my breath got caught in the excitement and I inhaled deeply this ecstasy which like a wave reached every part of my body. So it is true, Nadia, you are into girls.

The alarm clock woke me up and the memory of kissing Nadia, even now, days later, is so special. I’ve reached out to our friend in common and have asked him whether he is sure she is bisexual. I know that I will see her again.