My Fantasies in Spain

Hello to everyone 🙂

I hope that your Christmas holidays were spent with lots of love, laughter and best wishes both given and received.

Blessedly in Spain during the entire period I flew back to London on the second of January.

I enjoyed there mostly calm, spectacularly sunny days, fascinated by the architecture, trying to see as many sights as possible, many of which I still carry in my mind.

All quiet on the Elizabeth front, until, on a side street in Granada my eyes noticed and grabbed the crotch of a guy walking past.

That looked quite bulgy


I felt a sense of yummy arising from my subconscious that stole my conscious and in that moment my entire world too.

I imagined to place my hand on that bulge, how would it feel, would I gently bend my fingers to encircle it and slowly press, or would I like to just feel it with my palm, its heat mounting, its hardness starting to change, all my attention focused on even the smallest details, the texture of his jeans, this animal awakening underneath, would I then begin to faintly but firmly massage it, moving my hand in smaller circles at first, until it grew to such proportions that needed my hand to widen those circles, would I then extend my stroke down along his thighs, but not too far, my hand retreating between them, where his throbbing balls are….

I would then imagine that somehow him and I were the only ones on this quiet road, that he is standing in front of me fully attuned to my thoughts and that I am now letting these same thoughts free to roam and guide me.

The bulge has now become hot, his body standing fully erect, but still, with ease, I am noticing his breathing, his chest, his shirt rise and fall like ocean waves on a beach, his hands are relaxed but his eyes are that of an eagle.

As I unzip his jeans the warmth of his crotch transfers its glow through my hands to my chest, oh what a beautiful feeling this heat is, that which his body is generating only for me. His tight belly is warm, his dick feverish in the insanity of this moment, I hold it with both of my hands and take it out.

His unsheathed weapon now fully exposed, I look at it, my eyes are devouring the beauty of it the same way as earlier in the day I devoured the beauty of The Alhambra. There couldn’t be a more perfect segue, everything in my mind and body clicked as I soared higher and higher in my sexual stupor.

We were alone, him and I.

His eyes piercing like a spear left no doubt that I was the exact partner of all his fantasies.

Even though we didn’t exchange any words our bodies were able to read the situation perfectly, there were invisible strings between us that pulled us to each other, his cock in my direction, my juices in preparation….

I begun to undo my trousers, leaned against the low wall next to us, took his hips, gently pushed them towards me, the cold air making me realise how absolutely drenched my inner thighs are, I lifted my right leg and placed his dick inside me.

A siren shook me out of my wonder, I found myself out there alone walking somewhere, the turn to my hotel long past gone, I’ve actually been walking around in circles, wider and wider just like my hand around the boy’s crotch a little while ago, I’ve lost my way and can feel the deluge between my thighs as I walk and try to understand what on earth has happened to reality, where is that boy wearing jeans who had so much goodness packed in them for me!

He must be long past gone too…….

Two days later.

Stepping into the aircraft that will take me from Granada to Barcelona, I noticed a very tall man sitting immediately on the right, front seats.

The boarding queue pushed me along making me forget about the tall man. I also didn’t go too far, my aisle seat was on the left, second row. I was already seated waiting for the boarding to complete when he stood up and came to pick something from the overhead compartment right above my head. What I noticed immediately was his crotch exactly at eye height, his very healthy erect body, again the jeans and the bulge immediately left of my face.


I tried to keep my face casual and aloof but these few moments were enough to send my thoughts out spinning again.

My imagination wantonly approved of this setup, how perfectly positioned was he if I could only let my hands and mouth do what they know best.

While he stood there preoccupied with his search I imagined us being the only people on the plane.

I moved my left hand and gently stroked his right thigh with my index finger.

Gently and slowly, at times imperceptibly.

He stopped moving his hands and looked downwards also realising that we were the only two people on the plane.

We looked at each other, he didn’t move away, and that’s when he got me.

My right hand extended to first feel the texture of the jeans covering his crotch, I was moving like a cat that wants to stroke and be stroked, way too conscious of how ideal my position is I begun to touch more firmly now, not wishing to prolong this foreplay the same way I did with the boy on the backstreets of Granada.

I realised that the experience in Granada had left me very hungry, I wanted to touch the tall man standing next to me but this time I wanted to involve my tongue too.

Our eyes locked, I held his hips and begun to undo his jeans. We didn’t need words, he knew what I wanted and had latched onto my agenda with a quickness that impressed me but blurred the lines and questioned my position. Such a confidence in a man never fails to get me weak at the knees, he stood there solid, with a fearless bluntness that softened my eyes and made me submit, he thus took charge and I begun to adore him…

Softening my hands I touched the area around his cock. His jeans now fully unbuttoned allowed me to connect to his skin, realising that he wore no underwear. His beauty was so thick, it made perfect sense, I’d also like as much comfort as possible underneath my jeans if I was a man so well endowed, I’d also be reacting to ladies left right and centre, I’d also be in the need of room for my almost constant half erection which in this case is already so huge……..

I felt a hand on my shoulder and a face coming close to mine, in my imagination this is the beautiful tall man bending to finally kiss me…….. but no, it was the flight attendant repeating to me that the seat belt sign is on and that I must fasten mine in readiness for take off.

Ah damn busting fantasies!