The first lady sat and spread her legs…

Many of you know that I am a member of Skirt Club, a wonderful “ladies only” club that on monthly bases organises saucy, thrillingly liberating parties, Sunday lunches and social gatherings of many kinds, and this past weekend they have hosted a life drawing workshop.

I’ve never been to one but I definitely felt open to try. The evening was to take place in a beautiful apartment in Barbican, and we were I believe thirteen ladies in all.

When I first read the ad for this event I thought that there will be a model posing naked for us, exposing especially her intimate parts. Without delay I announced to all my friends that on that particular weekend I’ll be off to a life drawing workshop to draw a vagina and that “yes, I’ve never done this before!”

As usual I set off with my partner in crime Mimi with whom I love to share everything Skirt Club. She has such a naughty imagination that I wondered how will her rendition of a vagina look on paper…

As we arrived we were greeted by the lady organiser and other lady members who were already there. The evening felt so nice, the place welcoming, the whole atmosphere buzzing with anticipation, yet in a very relaxing way.

We gathered and sat around the room, a small velvet stool in the centre where the model was to sit and pose for us, candles flickering all around it and in each corner of the room, the lighting brilliant for what we were about to do.

Everything became quiet.

One of the ladies stood up, undressed and walked slowly towards the centre of the room. What I did not realise is that We were to be the models! Oh my what a naughty twist, the whole evening instantly became a lot more daring, I’ve never posed naked before let alone with my legs wide open for the invited to draw my vagina!

The first lady sat and spread her legs, every five minutes turning to face the other group of ladies on either side. As an initial exercise we had five minutes to finish our sketches, which then, after the third or fourth model became ten minutes. The two organisers kept the time.

How divine was it to watch each lady slowly remove her sexy outfits, exposing to us and sharing her most intimate parts. What can I say. Is this a man’s dream come true???? Believe me, all this felt like a dream to me.

We could move closer to the model at any time, to take a better look of a particular detail, then back to our seated positions to draw the bare shoulders, the hair cascading down a naked back, the line of a garter belt, the legs spread, our pencils nervously sharpened way too often, and ultimately (or firstly!) drawing her vagina.

I imagined that it was wet, that in the fifteen minutes that it would take us to draw her she would be turned on, feeling sexy, increasingly greedy, perhaps her intimate lips swollen….. what a Tease.

This was not an actively sexual evening (like many others are!) but oh how special, how full of charged moments, how teasingly thrilling and fresh it all felt, I loved the sensuality, the erotic in all its freedom, hard to fully process this beautiful atmosphere compared to what our senses are used to on a daily bases.

And then it was my turn.

I placed my drawing board on the cushion next to me, stood up, let my silk cape fall. The only thing I wore was a black La Perla suspender belt.

I sat with my back straight, my bust out, and my legs widely outstretched to give my vagina a breath of fresh air, god knows I needed it! I’ve felt swollen and wet for the best part of the evening and this position fed deliciously off all my fem-on-fem fantasies.

Ten minutes.

In the course of the ten minutes I calmly observed the ladies looking at me, eying me attentively, all the concentrated eyes now on my face, now my torso, my thighs, my pedicured feet, my throbbing vagina.

WAW, when I caught those eyes staring right where my thighs meet, how can I describe the sensations exciting my whole body and giving me goosebumps. Delicious, intoxicating, weirdly and deeply relaxing still, I felt a connection with everyone which was just wonderful. We hardly knew each other but we were so linked right now, drawing each other’s secrets with hardly anything on. Exceptional. Never experienced anything like it.

Once the ten minutes were over I smiled and thanked everyone, extremely curious to see what each of them has drawn. In fact at the end of the evening we all placed our drawings at the centre of the room, to look at them, comment, smile share chat and feel, to exchange our different ways of expressing the Erotic. We were six models in all and there were lots of sketches! How much fun it was to look at them, lowering ourselves on all fours, shoulders touching, hips touching, faces coming close together and looking at the same picture.

Packed to beyond the limit were the deliciously stimulating moments, my fresh memories, the sexy impressions, to hear each lady share the reasons why she joined Skirt Club and more particularly, came out tonight. The vision of the capes falling on the floor as each lady prepared to pose, the different vaginas and my own efforts to draw as close to reality as possible - a frankly difficult exercise given my imagination running wild! If only I could take all these drawings back home with me!!! And later play with myself looking at each, closely, one by one, in the comfort of my big bed……..

Alas, I could only take my own drawings back home and all my new and fresh memories….. but, trust my imagination and my exceptional skills in revisiting events in my mind, I played with myself for a very long and greedy time before I finally fell asleep, spent, and all my supercharged sexual energy burned out…….