A very WILD date with my lover ❤️

I just got back from spending a beautiful week at home in Italy, where the mountains are so pretty and the sunsets above the sea so dramatic, colored in every shade of pink red azure and violet…

Early falls at home are truly special.

I had a lot to squeeze in in a week but what I looked forward to the most was the date with my lover.

Ours has always been an odd friendship. In the past ten years we’ve actually had sex only once (I don’t count the messy fuck in the back of his car) and I hoped that this evening might finally be a repeat. Fantasies of simply placing myself crotchless and naked on his lap were gaining momentum, I feared that I was game to cross every line this evening, indeed all I wore was a dress, a simple wide black summer dress, easy to lift, easy access….. easy to get out of.

Unexpectedly, instead of driving me to Trieste where we usually always go because nobody knows him there so his girlfriend can’t find out, we drove to a lovely wine bar much closer to home. He soon told me that he broke up with his girlfriend three months ago.

Hmm waw, this is new.

They’ve been together for ten years.

He is with me tonight, we’ve been sitting here for hours by now, the bar will soon close, it is almost midnight and he’s begun to touch my thighs. I told him to not do that unless his intentions are to go all the way.

The reason for me to say this is that we’ve kissed and touched and done everything so many times except having sex. Countless evenings he’s made me so frustrated that I’ve sworn to myself I will never touch or kiss him again unless the ineradicable plan was to have sex.

His reply was: ”Why would you think that I don’t wish to go all the way.”

Remembering way too many disappointing evenings I found this hard to believe, but he looked serious. I told him “Well, if you wish to do that we should go right now.”

He drove to the next town where his fast boat was moored. We walked the short distance, hopped on, everything still seeming unreal, can it be…… is this really happening…. yet the boat was soon on its way to a spot far enough at sea where nobody could hear us.

The sea was calm and the temperature lovely, “the calm before the storm” I giggled to myself, yet with what beauty in the sky will this calm soon change and become a real storm.

He switched the engine off and came to sit next to me. I lifted my skirt immediately, sat on his lap and we begun kissing madly. I could not believe it, I dream about this every single time I come home on vacation, I took my bra off, begun to undo his jeans, stepped back to remove my g-string and then sat on his lap again.

It’s been years since I had him inside me……. his dick is as hard and as big as I remembered, I grabbed it and eased myself on it, he is now entering me….. when was it last time…… it has been years……. I am feeling him now, the skin at the tip of his cock is finding its way inside me, pushing downward with my hips, I am so wet but he is really thick so I need some time, my pussy must stretch a little more…..

His hand on my boobs, my hand lifting my dress and throwing it away. He picked me like a doll, turned me around and laid me down on my back, inserted his dick inside me again and this time it was easy….. very deep….. is what he said…. he loves to push his dick inside as far as possible. On and on and on, he had me and fucked me… baby, you are mine again.

After a delicious while I told him that I want to make myself cum (I won’t make the same mistake as last time). We turned around, I sat on him and asked him to move his hips up and down, not too fast but please fuck me as I play with myself. The sensation was exhilarating, as I flicked and massaged my clit he kept pushing all the way in, again and again, I told him that I am loud, he replied that he loves that, securing myself by holding onto the rails with one hand and the other on my pussy, I screamed and shook so hard that for a moment I honestly doubted that the waves could really muffle all the noise…. anyways, even if not, I didn’t care, my orgasm was absolutely Exquisite. My body said: the only person with whom I can burn and extinguish my sexual energy is you.

He lifted me again and placed me in a doggy position, carrying on with his thrusts deep deep deep, holding me by the shoulder, now by the hips, now by my hands, he pounded me, the sound of the waves, the lightening above Italy, a storm was coming, the sky getting even darker, his huge dick inside me, what a delicious visit at home this time…… I was noticing all of it with my entire skin.

Now he was on top of me, inside me, his body, the regular lightening in the sky illuminating us, I told him that it is safe to come inside me if he wanted, he needed no other encouragement…. he filled my pussy with his wonderful juice and I realized that this was actually the first time he ever did that with me. The one time we had sex years ago he finished on my belly but this time he let himself go completely….. we laid down one next to the other, naked, spent, watching the sky above Italy, the stormy clouds, it was all so special. The sea breeze caressed our skins, it had that faint smell or distant rain, we fell asleep until the air turned cooler, the storm coming nearer and we decided to glide back to the city. Boat moored back into place, we went inside and laid down again to sleep, it was so beautiful and perfect, I loved it so much, still mentally catching up with the fact that he was now both in my arms, and inside me, being slowly and safely completely absorbed….

Our friendship will always be like this, I thought.

Ever willing to assuage your thirst for detail, I took this video the next day, after the storm. It’s the bay in the middle of which my lover parked the boat, and the rest you know…

Nature has its way to resume its calm pace as if nothing has happened, but my blood still simmers as I dial the number of my lover, I want to meet him tonight as well. Am I too greedy?