Most of the time summer holidays include trips to sea side resorts, coastal towns, usually the South where the sun is at its hottest and the sea at its best for dipping, swimming and playing.

It’s all about the suntan, right?

Some time in spring I acquired a strong fascination with the North instead. I adore the outdoors, volcanic lands, ice, rivers and waterfalls. Diving is one of my favorite hobbies and Iceland pretty much ticked every box so I decided that there was nothing better that I could do this August than go to dive in Iceland.

The hotel was spectacular with its views of the mountains and the sea, the dive course intense, the scenery incredible, the cold didn’t bother me in the least, the only thing missing was a man….

I was teased in the extreme by the young youths helping me put my dry suit on and off. The way the dive master would come close behind me to adjust my collar and I step backwards if only to steal a moment when we stood side by side and our bodies touched. Or, when he stood exactly in front of me and I had his lips right there, so close, so many naughty opportunities. I found such moments very frustrating, yet I stole them all.

Needless to say I would have gladly welcomed the realisation of at least some of my fantasies but there was never any privacy, it was impossible for me to make that step, to cross the line, to seize that body or kiss the lips.

On one particular day I had a massage booked at the hotel. I left my room a little frustrated, the dives, the boys, my mind’s relentless imagining of erotic outcomes meant that I had quite a lot of unfulfilled sexual energy in me.

I walked into the elevator and pressed SPA, the ladies at reception pointed me to a room, his name was Steve. He will be my massage therapist.

I found his style rather generic and a little boring, until he took the hot stones, Himalayan apparently, and placed them on my skin. Oh my god how amazing that felt on my legs and hips! The cold water, the dives and outdoors, I was extremely sensitive to the heat right now. The oil, his strokes, the burning warmth, I wished to be completely naked, I wanted his hands to slide along my body unhindered.

I told him that I’d like to take my g-string off. He surprised me by offering to take them off for me. Mmm. Wow. Is this a crossed line? Yes, take them off please, “I’d like to enjoy the heat of the stones without my g-sting stopping the flow of your hands” I said to him. “I’d like you to touch me everywhere, unhindered”, I thought.

He took my underwear off and placed it on the chair next to my bathrobe, poured more oil and begun to massage my thighs.

I loved how he touched me, how daring all this was, I laid face down and I knew that the towel covering me was folded in a way that exposed my sex, I knew that he could see me completely naked as he massaged me. A few times he came so close between my legs that the edge between professional and a line crossed was impossible to define, nor I cared to, I let him do whatever he pleased.

We both enjoyed what was going on without talking, though each time he placed the hot stones on me I hummed with pleasure, to encourage him. I also knew that my pussy was really reacting to all this.

How easy it would be for him to touch me there, to slide his finger inside, to extend that stroke up my leg and start massaging my vagina, to share in my moisture, to give me what I have never yet experienced during a similar therapy, “a happy ending”.

Beyond receiving an extremely suggestive massage as a naked woman nothing else happened. As soon as I walked out of the room the ladies offered me a smoothie, “Please sit down at this bar we’ll bring it to you in no time.” Thank you. I felt so mellow and aroused, I had no rush to leave.

Before putting my g-string and bathrobe back on I touched myself to check how wet my body has become, how wonderfully it has responded to Steve. Blissfully satisfied, my fingers were completely moist and glistening. Thank you Steve. “I would have loved you to explore further… but I am really happy also with this.” I felt redeemed somehow, my sexual energies have found expression.

As I sat at the bar waiting for my smoothie he walked by preparing for his next customer. The eye contact we exchanged said it all, we had both just aten a slice of the same erotic cake, it was delicious, and it was only ours.

What a perfect holiday afternoon, I thought.