"As I washed the smooth shiny aubergines, zucchini, and firm, crispy carrots, I imagined them to be the cock of my clients…"

Pressing the pen with my index finger hurts, and I can barely tolerate the pressure of the cushion on my pussy as I sit and write, but I am dying to share with you an extremely erotic wet dream I had last night.

I dreamt that I was a very successful private chef.
My cooking was famous for being healthy and most of my customers were athletes. The sensation in the dream was that every time I delivered my prepared food parcels in person I’d leave completely frustrated. The sight of tall, broad shouldered, athletic men, played directly into the ideal sexual encounters of all my fantasies.

It was a very hot summer day, and I had a lot to cook. Deciding on what to wear, I chose a tiny cotton apron with a frilly trim. That and nothing else.
I was working on their weekly menus, surrounded by beautiful, colourful vegetables.
My bare feet were moving to the rhythm of the smooth music playing in the background and I was smiling as I swayed through the kitchen gathering my supplies.

I could feel my cheeks twitching from the grin in my sleep.

As I washed the smooth shiny aubergines, zucchini, and firm, crispy carrots, I imagined them to be the cock of my clients. Instantly, my hands slowed down, my mind focused on the fantasy, it was as if I was eating with my hands.

I was aware of the heat that tensed my body and in my sleep caused it to quiver.

My hands became nervous and I broke a carrot. Someone said “slow down”, and in my mind it was one of my clients telling me to slow down as we fucked. Bizarrely it felt like I got to know him better, I understood that he liked a mixture of rough and slow sex, fragments of so many other dreams converged to focus on this discovery, and there went my mind plotting all kinds of scenarios where I could mix these two for him.

A jerk in the water faucet pulled me out of my daydreaming and I realised that sadly I was still there washing the vegetables! I leaned to examine the carrots and the zucchini and the cucumbers when suddenly next to me the same gorgeous tall athletic customer reappeared.

I felt his strong yet gentle hand caressing my cheek, and his hard cock pressing against my exposed derrière. I arched my back instinctively, my bum cheeks were now fully exposed, and I could feel his erection pushing between my excited thighs.

Was he like an aubergine or like a zucchini, I wondered. He was a perfect cucumber, I concluded.
It was like a dream within a dream. His hips started to move, I felt his cock enter me. By now my vulva was so swollen and moist that he had no issues in sliding entirely inside me.

The scene changed.
I no longer felt my client’s fat dick but I held, still standing by the sink, a very big hard carrot in my hands.
I felt so horny and desperate, I considered playing with it, using it as a dildo. Oh how would it feel pushed deep inside me…
But this particular time, to my disappointment, I had no vegetables to spare.
Should I just use them anyway, cum all over them….. and then cook them for my customers? I imagined how they might possibly taste my pussy juice together with my food. Oh god, I am such a naughty dirty-minded chef!

Well, I didn’t do that.
Not this time.
Dwelling on that idea, for now, I just took the carrot tops, hoisted myself on the kitchen counter, spread my legs and gently tickled my pussy with the green fluffy frilly tops. I loved the sensation. I tossed the green leaves back in the sink and with my fingers started circling around my clitoris, gently and slowly, over and over. Then, placing the entire surface of my index finger on my clitoris, I just kept flicking and pressing. I was so excited, the cold kitchen counter felt like bliss on my burning labia. With a slow downward motion I hooked my finger around my pussy opening, searching for the g-spot. I was simply insatiable. And wetter than my freshly washed vegetables. I was playing and cumming until my poor little index finger started to hurt.

I noticed the time on the kitchen clock and realised that I had to jump and return to my cooking! One of my incredibly sexy customers was coming over to pick up his food in less than an hour.
I had to speed up my work. I was chopping and slicing and dicing, the pots were steaming and I was steaming as well. Everything was in motion and commotion. Including my libido! My mind kept swirling around just as my index finger had swirled around my clitoris a little while ago.
It was the same finger that now had to press on the blade of my knife and the handle of my wooden spoon, I felt the pain every time but I had to persevere. As a chef I should have protected this crucial finger! My pussy felt so delicious however that it was a price I was willing to pay. This girl needs her pleasures.

I was rushing, setting the pots to cook, checked the clock and a sudden idea illuminated my mind – I do have 5 minutes to spare. Let’s take my finger for another round.
I ran to my bed, spread my legs and resumed the play. My clitoris was glistening underneath my apron and it was so hungry for another delicious course. Wearing only my apron was really convenient. The following orgasm came in just a few seconds. Then another one and one after that. My body was steaming just like my pots. I ignored the finger pain and once again got lost in my orgasms.

The only thing interrupting my playtime was a smell of burning lentils coming out of my kitchen. Even the smoke alarm went off. You should have seen me bouncing around in my tiny apron with nothing underneath! Opening windows and chasing the smoke away. Cooking new lentils. Calling my customer and asking him to come a bit later (obviously I could not tell him why I burnt his food).

But unfortunately (or fortunately!) he was already on his way.
This was just a dream, but how I wish it was a reality!

After that mini crisis my food was coming along nicely. I invited my customer in. He was so handsome! I could not keep my eyes off his strong muscular arms.
I chatted with him, smiling, pulling a chair out for him to sit on while I finished and packed his food.
It was a very polite conversation. Until he asked:
“So, do you always cook dressed like this?”
I had failed to realise I was almost completely naked! I started to blush, and was trying to explain to him that when it’s really hot outside, I keep my clothing to a bare minimum. I apologised and was about to go and put something else on.
Then he said:
“Don’t worry about it. I do the same. I also like to be naked around my house!”
Oh my god! I instantly imagined him naked.
Shamelessly clumsy with that thought, as I carried the food packages from the counter to the table I slipped on the frilly carrot tops and landed in his arms! I managed to save the food. I also managed to land with my moist open legs right on his open hand resting on his knee, and suddenly became aware of his index finger on my clitoris.
We exchanged looks. Those hot steamy irresistible looks!
In the following minute I managed to laugh, blush and explain to him why his food was delayed, why my finger hurt and almost cum on his hand.
“I could help you with your situation and you can rest your finger.” I felt his perfect cucumber cock stretching his shorts and pressing against my thigh.
There was no way I was going to resist this!
I pulled his cock out and massaged it as I did my vegetables earlier.
He swiftly lifted me and placed me effortlessly on my kitchen table. Oh god, his strong arms!
When he slid inside me, smoother than any aubergine I touched and harder than any carrot I scrubbed, he took my sore index finger in his mouth and was sucking on it while fucking me.
The final orgasm of my day was my best one.
The entire neighbourhood could hear my screams through the open windows.
I know this was just a dream, but I felt it on a visceral level even when I woke up. My index finger was a bit sore, but my pussy felt satisfied.
I concluded that I was actually playing with myself in my sleep the entire night! Who wouldn’t, with a dream like that?!
It was not just my hurting finger. Two wet patches, one underneath the corner of my grinning mouth and the other moistening my butt cheeks validated the real impact of my dream.
I wished I could just stay in my bed for the rest of the day and keep on dreaming!