The heat wave in London is making me realise just how much I love summer. Walking around the city I become aware of the gentle touch of the soft fabric of my summer dresses, the way they so easily slip off of me every evening as I undress for my cooling shower, and how much I adore to sleep naked, lazily rolling over crispy white sheets….

It feels almost as good as being somewhere on vacation.
I will tell you two secrets today.
I absolutely love walking around with no underwear. The way the warm air lifts my skirt excites me, not to mention how the obvious outline of my nipples turns everybody’s eyes on me….. I feel a delicious sense of freedom that also reminds me of how much I love to swim naked in the sea, I cannot wait for my holidays by the beach.

Summer overflows with wonderful sensations especially when everything is in such close proximity to my skin. Even summer kisses feel more passionate, and don’t get me started on summer sex! Every part of me reacts to men and women and dreams of them completely naked by my side…... my whole body breaks into a sweet sweat and I love the unceasing flirtatious eye contact!

What I find most exasperating of all (!) is walking past a girl who is not wearing a bra. My sunglasses hide my eyes but my knees weaken every time! I need to slow down even when she is past me to rewind the vision I just saw and take an extra set of deep breaths. That is the King and Queen of Tease for me. If she is wearing a deep V cut, or if her dress is open and partially reveals her breasts, I need a yard or so so calm down……….

Would you like to know my other secret?
I love being watched.
The way a man eats me with his eyes and his desire is obviously hotter than the midday sun. Today for instance during my walk back home, a guy wearing sunglasses and licking a cone of ice cream literally stopped to get a better look at my bobbing nipples. At first I didn’t know why he stopped, there was no physical hindrance before him, indeed I stared back trying to figure him out. But soon it became apparent that he only stopped to get a better look at my revealing top. Naughty boy I thought. Yet I found that so sexy….

Nothing soothes me more than the long clear warm evenings, when at ten is still twenty-two degrees and the sky’s color the last pinkish-turquoise tones of the sunset. If during one of these late evenings I am having a walk with a lover I cannot resist putting my hand under his shirt, feeling his hot muscles move rhythmically as he walks….
In those moments I just want to devour him there and then!

I love to dance by the moonlight when back home in silk lingerie I perform before his eyes and undress. Leaning against the diaphanous white curtains I use them to partially cover my naked body, I tease him and look at him getting harder and harder as I continue dancing, swaying in the evening air, the windows wide open. The moonlight, his eyes and my intoxicating joy is all there is. I slip my fingers between my legs, his fixed gaze making me so incredibly wet. I decide to place a chair in front of him, sit on it and spread my legs, I love to be watched as I orgasm and at the same time watch him stroke his hard cock. It doesn’t take me long, the heat of the entire day, the tickling dresses, girls’s boobs, everybody’s eyes, my hand on his skin as he walks, my dance in the moonlight, his rising cock so potent, I cum in only a few moments! I breathe deeply, come closer, and the heat we both gathered throughout the day releases itself into mind-blowing sex……

Beautiful as the days are in London right now, there will come a time when the rain will invariably replace the sunshine, when I’ll pick again my umbrella and take care not to step in the puddles with my sandals. My dreams are that by then I’ll be gone to one of the beautiful Mediterranean getaways, perhaps with you…..

I can endlessly fantasise about dinners under the shade of trees, tasting wonderful food, enjoying stimulating conversations laughter and hot steamy innuendos.
It would give me goosebumps to know that you are watching me as I lick the melting ice cream off my lips. It would really arouse me to know that I can comfortably walk around our hotel room wearing absolutely nothing. As the moon peeks through the curtains, I’d arch my back and let my hair bounce off my shoulders, down the small of my back, tiptoeing to watch the ocean with you from a beautiful big window.

Recently I travelled to Greece with a client and it was an experience I will never forget. I can still feel our satiated bodies dipping into the private pool after a whole day spent stimulating our senses with incredible views, delicious food, culture, and hours of fucking, sweating, and kissing. It was a perfect break from London and I can’t wait to do it again.

My favorite memory is our big bed and the moonlight that kissed our naked bodies. The moon shined through the open sliding doors that gave to the pool, the breeze playing with the light curtains and the adjoining garden a dark shade of green. All together was just perfect and most importantly! I love sex on holiday… come with me and find out for yourself what I mean.
I promise not to wear any underwear when we go out sightseeing, watching you catch glimpses of me as the breeze plays with my short skirts is as much a pleasure for me as it is for you……