I’m not sure whether it’s the chirping of the birds, the first warming rays of the sun which dance upon my skin and make me feel like undressing, or all the blossoms in the air that are just so incredibly beautiful, but spring makes me so hungry and horny!

I feel cravings that make my lips all tingly and I just keep salivating. My sensuality wakes up with nature and I have the urge to kiss and taste. To immerse myself in new flavours.

Do you get these cravings, too?

Feeling the need for a little indulgence I decided to meet a few girls for ladies-only fun. We are all members of a female-only sex club where like minded ladies meet online to chat and plot all things social, and private. This was our very first meeting in person.

At a cocktail bar in Notting Hill, after a few rounds of drinks, right there in front of everyone, we playfully started to kiss each other. I noticed that we all seemed to feel those spring cravings, indulging in our sensuality, not knowing if we would be thrown out or followed (there were several eyes glued on us) when things got overheated we decided to leave and take our explorations to a private flat.

I was sadly the first one to leave because I had a very busy day the next day, but I felt with my whole body that this wasn’t enough for me. The whole evening has left me gasping for more. Earlier, at the cocktail bar, I heard the ladies talk about a club’s signature party happening in only two days time, all of them were going. I bought a ticket too and decided to join them.

Two days later, dressed up provocatively but beautifully in baby blue lace I ended up in a dim chandelier-lit majestic house in central London together with almost 80 other hot, sexy, half-naked ladies.

What happened there? Whatever fantasies your mind is conjuring up right now, it happened. Every corner of the house was filled with moaning, moving bodies. The sensuality felt louder than the chatter. Orgies and private little encounters, kissing and touching, tasting and devouring. It was all there. Every position or setup imaginable.

I felt so free, utterly fascinated, and comfortable. I tasted so many lips and touched naked skin, yet, in spite all of this or perhaps because of it, my cravings just grew bigger and bigger.

It’s like with fruit. Every bite into something sweet and juicy just makes me more of a hedonist.

Bring it all in! I am hungry.

As I was sitting in a taxi on my way home, I was struck by the realisation that all these new impressions and cravings made me desperate for a cock. I truly craved masculine energy.

I write this blog sitting in the park, eating my bowl of strawberries and listening to the birds chirping up in the trees, reminiscing about my female interactions over the past few days.

Sweet strawberry juice trickles down my throat and I become overwhelmed with lust. I wish it was a hard cock passing between my lips.

The soft silky-smooth skin of all those beautiful ladies make me want to be with a man right now.

It’s like yin and yang. I had the feminine and the tender and now I need the masculine and a hard body. I imagine rough male skin pressing against me. A hard throbbing dick pulsing between my thighs, a pair of strong hands…..

That’s what I crave now.

As I sit in the park, eating my fruit and licking my lips, I am thinking of being fucked by a man who would make my sweet pussy just as juicy as these strawberries.

People pass me by; they smile but none of them know about my sexy spring cravings.

I can’t wait to see what feelings and even hotter sensations summer will bring…..


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