Even though the foursome that has inspired me to write this blog happened only a couple of days ago, thinking about it now I realise that I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying quite a few such saucy scenarios over the years. I’d love to describe some of them….

In the course of a very long evening at my friend’s house in Chelsea I was delighted to receive an eight hands massage, for the first time in my life enjoying the intimate company of four men, my client and three of his closest friends. We all sat in a circle in the big drawing room, half undressed. Tentative at first, our sexualities begun to spread and expand, exploring each other, observing, checking with carefully picked words who was ready for action and who needed more time…..

One would think that this is a dream come true for any man but not all of the four present were fully engaged. One was overwhelmed and remained the entire evening a voyeur, another a little shy but still daring, the third completely laid back direct and fun loving, and my client as always, fully in his element. The sexual dynamics changed in the course of our menage a cinq, they rose and ebbed like the waves of a very excited ocean and though there was plenty of alcohol to lean on, the four men tried hard to look confident and courageous! I in turn did my best to make the shy feel comfortable and to push the limits of those who needed a little push….. I hope that they still get a gentle throb remembering me naked and purring from one to the other across that floor.

Not like the foursome I had two days ago…OMG !! 💘 Incredible to watch Jason take Naomi so powerfully right in front of our eyes. The best porn movie ever only an inch away. No! It was even more than that. So much more!

But I am running ahead of myself….. I want to describe a few more foursomes and fivesomes before I come back to this most recent mind-blowing experience.

We were at my place. Me and my girlfriend, our client and two male escorts, one bisexual and the other gay. I don’t recall the exact reasons why but I think we all wanted to watch two men together. What I remember is feeling like Alice in Wonderland, my apartment a place where everything is possible and harmoniously perfect, it was like a spell united us all. The three of us on my bed watching the two boys in front of us making out, it might not be your thing but waw it was delicious, it was different and oh so hot…… writing about this now has provoked the same exact spell buzzing through my entire body, I will now have a cold shower and resume later……

A married couple invited me to their lovely house in Pimlico. It was a summer evening and I looked forward to meeting my new partners in crime. Their plan was to enjoy a very hot and steamy threesome which we eagerly started but sadly half way through the lady started feeling unwell and stopped the session. I went to the bathroom to allow them to speak in private but once I got back they told me that they unfortunately will not be able to continue. Suddenly their door bell rang. The husband went down to let their guests in and came back with two spectacularly handsome men, friends of theirs who apparently just popped by to check on their plans for that weekend. Husband was lying on the chaise lounge by the bed with his wife, and seeing my intensely curious eyes told me that I could do anything I liked, either stay and enjoy their two friends, or leave. I soon admitted to myself that I was utterly incapable of leaving, my body irresistibly pulled in the direction of the two men. I playfully snuggled between them, we started kissing….. and all along as I undressed them and we moved to the bed, the married couple kept watching us really enjoying this unexpected turn of events. I can safely say that these two men were the best and most playful two buddies I have ever had the pleasure to meet let alone enjoy sexually. A shame that I never took their numbers but the best things usually happen in the moment and are unplanned…..

Coming back to the spectacular foursome earlier this week I thought my bed will be too small, but no! That was never an issue.

This wasn’t the first time I have been with Jason but it was the first time for Naomi, and how amusing it was to notice in her a different kind of perkiness I’ve never seen before. I loved to watch her enjoy Jason, to look at her red fiery hold ups in the air as he took her, his body sweating, his muscles and sexy tattooed skin a mind blowing contrast to Naomi’s fully naked red shaded ebony shape….. me and my client hardly blinking not lo lose a single instant of what is quite honestly one of the hottest sights I have ever drooled over. And when it was my turn I let Jason take me any way he wanted, it was so exciting to feel him so powerful, to look at Naomi’s delighted face close by, I could hardly keep my eyes focused on anything for too long…..

I loved holding Jason’s hot torso as he kneeled over my client and, kissing Naomi, held and stroked my breast in the most delicious way. I loved holding my hand around his back and devour his lips, while the client sucked at his cock and Naomi watched with that focus which excludes everything else from one’s mind. I loved being between my client’s legs gently massaging, licking, and my eyes fixed upwards to the wild shape of Jason penetrating Naomi in missionary style, holding her legs up high, the deep red hold ups on her legs forever etched in my memory. I cannot wait to do all of this again.

Fun times aren’t they ))))))

If you are ever in the mood for a foursome I can guarantee you that with the three of us it’ll be a complete success……


Or let me know if you would like to enjoy a different twist to your threesome fantasies, I’d love to hear about it……. as you know 💋 closing down here below with a few more GIFs with me and Naomi

Lots of love