Happy New Year to all of you ✨

Did you enjoy the festivities, parties and lavish tables? I hope so, aren’t we all ready and curious to explore what 2023 has in store for us….. I hope I can be a part of your new year’s resolutions…… ❤️

The last months of 2022 feel like a blur, with dinners, shows, events concerts and all the intimacy behind closed doors….. I got caught in a delicious whirl that’s only now, come January, a little slowing down.

I haven’t posted a blog in a while but I was busy creating and adding two new pages to my scroll down menu ☺️ one with my duo partner Naomi, and the other full of naughty GIFs. I enjoy to be creative in different ways and though sometimes this takes time, the end result is lovely!

The new year has started with a lot of planning. I love to welcome new one-to-one adventures, to help steer your erotic fantasies, to meet couples, meet lovers, meet my own naughty girlfriends with you….. and when the wife too wishes to meet me there is hardly a spicier request than this one! I love open minded ladies who never deem it too late in life to try new things 🥰 I feel so lucky to know exactly how to be of help……

I also just received new photos and GIFs that I made with Naomi, some of which I am attaching here ❤️

Don’t you love them?

Softly touching her very sensitive nipples…. ❤️

And when it comes to my darling Emma…..

Whom many of you know, and whom I also adore to be and work with, I am planning a shoot with her too. It’ll come as another page menu where you can always be reminded of us together, be teased and fantasise, and when you can no longer take it…….. feel free to reach out to me……. ❤️

I find variety a very healthy spice of life.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of being with a virgin.

These meetings are always special. They are the most honest, and the most courageous. I love to hear their stories and be a part of this very special moment in their lives. Every single time it’s real and truly enjoyable. To listen, and lead the way, to let their bodies become familiar with my touch and my kisses, to see them open to me more and more and respond, their first time becomes a first time for me too in a way. It’s just special. Thank you for coming to me….. ❤️

Am I ready for 2023? I am definitely ready to hear the first spring birds, to see the leaves sprout anew, to dive into the world’s increasing hunger 😈 and all the accompanying erotic games at mine, or at yours…..

Are you ready?

Please note that I’ll be away from the 18th till the 26th of January. I’m off to explore Lisbon and Seville ☺️ a little trip down south to break the course of winter up north.

I hope you enjoyed all my updates, that the new year has welcomed you full of promise, and to see you soon 🥰❤️❤️❤️

Much Love