Liveabord, the sea, and Mark

I left Singapore on the 11th to catch three more flights, my final destination being Maumere - a remote Indonesian island off which I had planned to join a Liveabord.

A Liveabord is where you literally live on board, you have your own cabin and you dive all day. Sailing from island to island, three or four dives every day. Basically the life here is diving, eating and hanging out with all the other fellow divers. We are 16 in total on this boat. Four ladies and twelve men.

The dives are consistently incredible. To be surrounded by this infinite, majestic and beautiful sea all the time is the experience of a lifetime…

We all met on board on the 13th of September and one of the first things I did is scan the other guests. How does each feel and would I like to pick one of them to be my lover for the journey. To be in a predominantly male setting, to usually be the only girl in a group of men is something I enjoy very much...

I noticed him at the very first dinner we had all together. He and his fellow traveler were late because of flight cancellations and I didn’t get the chance to meet him yet. Oddly enough he is the only guy here who is English and lives in London. His name is Mark.

From that very first evening we started checking each other out. He stealing looks at me whenever possible and I doing the same. In the next few days as we sailed and between the dives I made sure to get to know him. Gradually I joined his group of friends until on the third evening after everyone had gone to sleep and it was just me and him I decided to ask him more direct questions.

Earlier on I had caught them having a laugh about some supposed difference between a holiday and a trip. I asked him what were they laughing about it. His answer was that a holiday is when you have sex, but if you don’t score, then it’s just a trip. Like a business trip.

I asked him whether he would be open to this diving trip becoming a holiday.

I have to tell you that by this point I really needed to kiss a man’s lips. Not just any man’s lips of course… but over the couple of days that I’ve been hanging out with him somehow my instinct and body chose him.

To my questions he replied that he has an open relationship with his partner back in London but that he needs to be very discrete because of the friend he is traveling with.

I said: “So it is possible to turn this trip into a holiday…”, he smiled and said: “Yes it is”.

I kissed him. Oh my, I was dying for that. I needed it, it felt right and it felt beautiful.

We decided to go to my cabin where I stay by myself. I have lots of space and a very big bed…

I could not wait to have him, kiss him, feel him. I love male energy, I just can’t be without it. But what I didn’t expect is that we would click so much. Yes, my body and instinct chose him, but beyond that I had no expectations and I’d never imagined that being with him would actually enter the list under the heading “best sex of my life”.

It’s incredible to walk back to my room in between the dives, with him. To dive, experience the deep blue, the life in the sea, shower, go out to find him and take him back to my bed. This has been an exquisite experience, it never happened to me before and it blew my mind.

I mean, this trip is already paradise. I am already blessed a thousand times to be out here. But to be with Mark on top and between all this is just the biggest cherry on a cake I have ever eaten.

The way he fucks me, the passion, the kissing, the touching and loving, the long relentless thumping, here, in one of the most beautiful and remotest places on earth, goes beyond anything I have fantasized about until now.

Eating each other at the end of what had already been an incredibly magical day was delicious in the extreme. It’s like a dream come true under water and above it. I’m full of wonder anywhere I look.

I am free and single by choice because there is nothing I enjoy more than to be open to these out of the blue, head spinning adventures and encounters... to be completely free to get lost in the natural world, be taken up and off with it. I love this… I think the die is cast and I’ll be the temptress in every situation for as long as I live!

There is another young man in our group whom I find really interesting and attractive. He is German and his name is Lukas. I now have to behave, though I would really like to try him too… I think he is also wild in bed… I can feel it when I look at him. I hope to meet him again somewhere, to have him in every way like I am having Mark right now.

One particular moment was when we stepped off the boat to visit a remote island and I found myself walking between Mark and Lukas.  This was so yummy for me… delicious to be sandwiched between their two male energies, shame the remote island was so small…

Mark… it was spectacular sharing this Liveabord with you, I hope to see you in London. The way we kissed with our eyes open, the wildest passion and all the memories are flashbacks that make my blood boil right now sitting on my own at this beach front bar in Bali.

It’s the 26th of September today.

I had planned to spend three nights on this magical island. I’m flying back to Singapore tomorrow and the following day, on the 28th, back to London.

Thank you everyone for reading my blog and following my updates...

To all of you ❤️ I can’t wait to enjoy your wonderful company again 🙏🏼🥰 do please keep in touch and once again, I am really sorry if I wasn’t able to reply to you in a more timely manner during my trip. WiFi has been sketchy out here, to say the least.

My message in the bottle is now over…

Lots of love and see you soon! 🥰❤️