August (& football…) ⚽️⚽️⚽️🍌🙈

Hello everyone, what a spectacular summer. I haven’t seen rain in months. How is it possible? We are in England after all. Loving all the sunshine, with gratitude.

Many things happened to me throughout the weeks since I wrote my last blog in June. But in the end I’ve made up my mind: I’ll be going home at the end of this month. Just for a week. Why? I’ll be gone to Indonesia for three weeks in September, why one more break so close to the real thing?

Well, when I was home in April I met someone. He is a professional footballer from Croatia and I’ve been fantasizing about him a lot since then. I feel that I cannot leave it until next year… I want to go home before summer is over to see him, and hopefully eat him too.

You will of course know everything about it if we do get to devour each other, I’ll want to upload it here in detail! Since April, we’ve been texting each other naughty things, photos or little clips. I want to now consume in person this irresistible build up… let’s see what happens 😈 after all… we only live once.

I will tell you one of the many fantasies I have of him. I had asked him whether he abstains from sex before the games. He answered me that before the games he can do easy sex. But that he doesn’t like “easy”. And that a couple of days before the game is good. Gosh this had me throb! My reply crystallized quickly though I didn’t share it. What I wanted to say is: “I don’t mind it easy before the game, it would be a massive turn on for me to have your sperm inside me while I watch you play live from the stadium seats...”

Ah baby, I would really love that! I realized that footballers can inspire a whole set of new fantasies I never thought of before…

And another lovely new thing…

On the 21st I have booked a small photoshoot with a new lady I have met.

I remember it was at a hotel in Shoreditch on a Saturday night. When I walked into the room she was already naked. Imagine that… a spectacular darkly colored goddess, her skin completely unblemished from head to toe, and the contrast she made laying on those white sheets had me reeling. In total awe. I couldn’t have enough of admiring her body, her elegant shape in repose amid the pure white pillows.

We spent two hours together and I loved to enjoy her decidedly very real bisexual kisses and touch. We swapped numbers and said right away that we should meet and create naughty content together for our sites.

If nothing changes I will visit her flat in Farringdon on Sunday the 21st  🥰. I can’t wait to talk about it in my next blog and attach a few of our photos together, next to of course a full report on the hot session I’m hellbent on having with the Croatian footballer… omg… watch this space.

FYI - I’ll be away from the 24th till the 30th.

There is another small adventure I wish to make before going home. Indeed I won’t be flying to Trieste, but instead to Verona where I want to catch up with a very dear friend of mine with whom I used to work many years ago. He is a male escort and one of the dearest people I know. Curious to see our ad? Here we are:

We no longer work together, he lives in Italy, but our friendship endures.

So much fun to start my holidays with him, hopping around the sights of Verona, such a beautiful Italian city… meanwhile sharing all the saucy details of our professional naughty lives. ❤️

Greetings to all of you my dears, and if you are also holidaying in August I hope you have the time of your lives 💋

See you soon,

Love and kisses…

Yours truly, Elizabeth. 💯🥰