Welcome summer, I love the month of June. ❤️

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post but that’s because London is always such a run. Today is my birthday and I have the day off! I’m walking around town, currently sitting at a cafe in Chelsea having lunch and I feel that this is a good moment to finally post a catch-up note.

Actually… I don’t really have a day off… I am meeting a lovely lady this evening at a café in Harrods for an introductory drink, after which we’ll proceed to a more private setting to meet her man… it’s a surprise. Isn’t this a lovely evening to have for my birthday? 🥰

Last night, as well… I was visited by a very special and feminine lesbian lady who introduced me to “frotting”. Lesbian style of course. And I wished I could date lesbians, I wished I could find out more about this exclusively FF connection. But exactly because it’s “exclusive” none would ever accept me unless I lie!

So be it. I love to be with men too much.

And on this note… I am finally meeting my hot date from Manchester again 🥰 a couple (MF) is coming from Portugal at the end of this month and asked me whether we could have a foursome with a man of my choice.

OMG! I am so glad for this opportunity to be with Jack, and at a foursome too! Very hot indeed…. I wished these kind of invitations came more often - thank you Portugal. 😍 Yummy Jack! “I cannot wait to film myself as I devour your body…”

What next?

There came May, and I was in Istanbul again for an amazing four days trip with a client. It was nothing short of magical. We clicked in many ways and our time flew past effortlessly. A real break for both of us. Heated… romantic… there is talk of meeting in Athens next time. I hope so. ❤️

My next real proper holiday will be in September. I will be away from the 8th till the 28th. Three weeks to accommodate a twelve days Liveabord in the Banda Sea, or, the Moluccas, or, the very legendary Spice Islands - Indonesia. For those who don’t know me yet I am a very adventurous type. I love to be cut off from everything. Completely surrounded by a pristine natural world, the constant outdoors, every day filled by new experiences under water as the boat continues on its route. On a Liveabord one usually dives three or four times a day. Dive, eat, dive, eat, chill, dive, eat, chill, maybe a night dive… tea, sleep. Repeat. This is my ideal holiday.

On my way back I’ll stop for three nights in Bali to say hi to wonderful friends of mine I haven’t seen since 2015. For my stay I have booked a lovely small townhouse with a twenty-five meters lap pool. Bali is very magical but the sea is not that nice for swimming… however, mark my words baby… I’ll be on those beaches not to catch the waves but the hot surfers who they’ll so kindly deposit at my feet.

Mmmmmm what stories will those be!

Back to June, and back to London, I am really intrigued by the couple I am meeting tonight… the scenario is that I am a friend of hers, not an escort, and that she has invited me, a flame from the past… to be a present for her husband. I can only imagine his face when I walk in… so beautiful how almost every time the entire event flows spontaneously despite the nervous and hesitant first moments.

Thank you for reading my blog, and welcome all of you to my birthday 🥰❤️ it’s a date I am very fond of. Very strange… I even caught myself saying that “now I need to wait another year to enjoy this day again…” as if this doesn’t mean me getting a year older! But to be honest I love my years. And I don’t mind me getting older at all.

Wishing you a summer filled with at least some of the adventures I just described! And if you need a knowledgeable connoisseur to plan these very erotic journeys for you… do please call me…. 😘

Kisses everyone,

Lots of love and hugs,

Elizabeth xxx