Where do I begin?

Oh my, what an eventful month March has been….this is completely the way I want my life to be! 🥰

I am currently traveling first class on a train to Manchester.

If you look at my blogs, most of them are written while I’m on my way to somewhere, or on my way back here, or somewhere else out there. To be “on the road” always gives me a time limbo I find best suited for writing 😊

I am glad to have the chance now to catch up with all of you.

What am I going to do to in Manchester? Hold tight!

I’m off to spend a wonderful night with a very dear client of mine at the Gotham. Never been at the Gotham before and I am really looking forward to it!

But first, I have myself booked another five star hotel where I am meeting a male escort friend of mine. He is based in Manchester, I’ve invited him to spend a few extremely naughty hours with me and, why not, to make some naughty steamy videos together.

As they say, whatever you do, if you can, it is always best to kill two birds with one stone.

How naughty all this is!

The scenario I wish to act out in the videos is that of a very vengeful wife, angry at her unfaithful husband (whom she is meeting at the Gotham at 8pm); but before that, in the afternoon, she has arranged to meet her love boy, at another hotel that her husband is also paying for.

The married couple has been quarreling for days and the idea of spending this evening together was to smooth things over and hopefully find peace….however temporary.

Wife is extremely naughty though. Her idea is to sit down with her husband with another man’s semen inside her. Purely out of pique! Not to mention how horny she always is…. how much she maliciously loves the cock of her love boy better than her husband’s.

Feeling entirely justified, she often fantasizes about this kind of dirty scenarios and every time manages one way or another to play them out.

“We are equal my darling”, she regularly, but somewhat vaguely tells her husband. With a smirk.

I love it!

All is flowing exactly as planned, my train is on time, and there is so much more I wish to talk about….

I had initially planned to call this blog “Couples”. I wanted to talk about the incredible couples that I sometimes meet.

They book me because they wish to enrich their sexual lives, diversify their bed-dynamics (always a great idea!), do more in three….. add a new sexual energy and see what happens. ❤️

What is so incredibly beautiful for me is the true and real connection that these couples have. How intimate certain moments can be between them, yet in the most involved positions with me.

I will add some of my favorite memories…..

When he is behind her and she is kissing him while sitting on my strap-on. When she is opening her legs to me and he is gently and oh so lovingly kissing her lips…… when I am sitting on him, and the two of them are looking at each other’s eyes like teenagers at their first love; when I am making love to her, and he is sitting on a chair next to the bed, watching. When I am being penetrated by him, and she is kissing me passionately.

With their love, they are lifting me, lifting all the three of us on a plane where there are no issues of trust and where everything is free to magically happen. I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few such couples and after being with them what I feel is that they help bring reality into this world.

One needs to be on my page to understand what I mean by reality. In my world this reality is a connection between partners that goes beyond any socially accepted or imposed norms, a connection that is full, complete, wholly content unto itself, original, a connection that likes to express itself by inclusion and play, by positively being open to new things and to adventure. A connection that gives freedom to both partners to share and express themselves without bounds. I feel very lucky to have a job that by default connects me to just these very open minded beings.

I find it absolutely brilliant! 🥰

We all get so close during these moments and hours spent together, and what a pleasure it is when they keep in touch and call me again next time they come into town. So many amazing adventures….they never end.

I hope you are all well and feeling inspired just like me…!

Not to mention, (of course - we are in England!) how beautiful the sunny days were that we enjoyed earlier this month. I loved so much to see so many people outside and every outdoor table taken. Truly heartening at the end of such a long string of lockdowns.

Can’t wait for the sun to come back though. One gets used to all that pretty quickly!


Fast forward……and I am now in Covent Garden editing this blog one last time before I send it to my webmaster. It’s a Saturday, and a day off. I’ve visited the boutique of Honey Birdette, bought myself new sexy lingerie….soon will be heading home. What a lovely weekend so far... ❤️

Wishing you all an amazing new week ahead, and Spring season!


Much Love

Elizabeth xxx