✨ Booster and Fantasies ✨

Oh boy, who else was affected by the booster shot the same way I was?

I remember it was a drizzly day last weekend, and a Saturday. I had my booster shot booked for 13:40 at an NHS Centre in Chelsea, just off Kings Road. I walked towards it under my umbrella and I remember that I was fantasizing about my two lovers.

Mmm, I kept moaning to myself…. dreaming of and imagining their big thick beautiful cocks. Oh god how good they feel inside me….. my mind played from one to the other, but not with them together. I am greedy and I only want one lover at a time, 100% one, or 100% the other.

So thus I walked down the road, turning myself on and enjoying a very good feeling all over my body, a delicious sensation of endless erotic possibilities…. my mind was really in the mood for those two young men.

Eventually I arrived at the Centre, I saw a queue stretching down and disappearing around the corner behind the building, twenty or so umbrellas bobbing in the air. Seeing that the queue was moving forward fast enough and sexually floating with all my fantasies as I was…. I placed myself lightly at the end of it and waited for my turn.

There was a young lady behind me who asked me a few questions and seemed to be chatty. I looked dreamily into the distance, and asked myself whether I would like to engage with her and share this experience with someone as we moved along towards the entrance, or whether I would like to continue expatiating about Mr P and Mr N….

Hmmmm….. I decided to stay in my head and carry on fantasizing about what I would like to do with each of them next time I see them….

By now I was already inside sitting on a chair just about to be called in by one of the doctors. I was so horny, reveling in the fact that I have a date with P the next Wednesday. I carried on imagining him inside me as I waited for my turn, and I need to admit to you…. my pussy was very much enjoying the occasional throb.

After I received my booster I recall I spent the rest of the day with my girlfriend, no reaction whatsoever. I felt great. Came home, went to bed feeling actually almost energized. But at some point in the night I woke up in the throes of painful spasms all over my body, all I could do is dissolve and drink the strongest pain killer I could find, which calmed and stilled my body, and I was able to fall asleep again.

This is how I spent the next 48 hours. In bed and dazed by numbed pain, in a state between awake and asleep - my fantasies were all I had to make me feel good. I continued floating and dreaming about N and P and their beautiful huge male members sliding inside me….. how mentally sexy recovering from this booster turned out to be for me. It’s all I could think about….

But other things came to my mind as well, and I will take more care now in describing a fantastic three hours and a half threesome I had with my Carla on the very day before my booster. WAW. Even hours after this encounter, on the train, back home, I still kept looking at the big wide mirror above the bed.

Ladies and Gents, what a huge and special addition to our threesome this mirror was. Throughout the whole time we were together, I could look at the insanely sexy body of my girlfriend, at the gorgeous body and persona of our beloved client, or I could look at the ceiling and see the three of us in hundreds of different positions that just kept changing and flowing into more and more sexually arousing scenes creating a non-stop movie my eyes couldn’t have enough of. WAW. I loved it! This threesome is now officially one of the best ones I have ever had. How sexy it was to be intertwined physically in every imaginable way on the bed, and also above the bed, to see so much of us, to be exposed to this incessant visual turn-on, to feel and grab with my hands mouth and pussy…. but my attention teased to the utmost by she, him, and the extremely naughty world created by us reflected above us.

As I ached lying on my bed, my mind soared between wakefulness and sleep and delicious dreams…… I must have had sex in those 48 hours a hundred different ways and times. I am feeling great now, but while all this is still fresh in my mind why not use it, I dare ask 🙂 as a very naughty and circuitous way to let you all know that I am fully vaccinated and boosted, and that if you would like to meet and make me happy with your wonderful company 🙂 I hope that to know this might bring greater comfort to you.

I will also take the chance to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fabulous and exciting 2022, hoping that at some point our paths may cross.

I can’t wait to dive in my next naughty adventure tonight 😉 please know that I am here all through Christmas and in case anyone might feel lonely and hungering for my touch, you know what to do…. I would love to welcome you.

So many kisses,

With love,

Elizabeth xxx