I’ve been home for only five days and I need to leave already to explore and see new places.

I had planned a six day trip and I’m now on a train on my way to Venice for a night, and the next day I’m flying out to Sicily where I wish to spend four nights in Taormina.

I can’t wait to see the view to the Grand Canal from my very room. I’m spending only a night in this famous city and I wish to spoil myself rotten. One of my weaknesses is beautiful views, and both in Venice and Taormina I have picked the best room. Photos soon attached.

I have flown back home on Monday, and on Tuesday I went on a date with M. Those who have read my past blogs know that M. is one of my lovers. We went to Trieste again, to the sea side bars for a meal and to catch up having drinks.

Even before I left London my ideas were clear, I wished to book a hotel room and have a repeat of the very intense hot session I had with M. back in June (described in that blog entry).

I love comfortable hotel rooms, luxurious, or just pretty. Nowadays it’s so easy to open the app and be sorted in only a few clicks.

But all I could get from this guy is him talking of his past girlfriends, his various sexual escapades, stories of friends of his who were screwed up by women, on and on all evening. But what really sealed the end of my ‘interest’ was him talking of how he had sex in a cemetery.

Now, when I was in my twenties, for luck of better knowledge I might have reacted to this talk with a huge encouraging grin, slapped the boy’s arm congratulating him, all desperate to please him because so desperate to have him.

We are adults now and all I can do after all that talk is not reach out to him the next day. Nor the following. Haven’t spoken to him since.

Instead I decided to travel around Italy for a few days 🙂 Venice will be full of sun when I get there and in the morning, I can’t wait to have my first coffee looking at the centuries old boat traffic along the Grand Canal.


Just that one night in Venice was enough. My first cappuccino looking at the Grand Canal from the broad windowsill in my room; breakfast at Palazzo Gritti; the breath taking architecture, the sun kissed walk along the water and various stalls selling paintings or bric a brac. Truly worthwhile, even if one has just this one day.

The next day I took a boat taxi to the Venetian airport Marco Polo. I found this transport method extremely convenient, and in just half an hour I was walking along the pedestrian corridor on my way to the Terminal. I am now in Taormina, Sicily 🙂 stay tuned ❤️ I’ll write about my Sicilian stay soon in the next blog.

If any of you wishes to share a sunset at Piazza San Marco and a lovely ride on a gondola with me while fulfilling your erotic dreams and enjoying five star luxury let me know when I am back in London, I would love to chat about it, and hopefully make wonderful plans together.

Kiss you 😊❤️