Taormina, Sicily ❤️

Sitting on this very comfortable chaize longue at the Belmond Hotel, waiting for a cab that will take me back to the airport of Catania, I have an hour or two now to write about my stay.

I have traveled with a close member of my family and sadly this won’t be a blog full of saucy details…though I wished it was! Incorreggibile… as the Italians say. Yes, I am incorreggibile, though of course this time I had to behave. But my mind did wonder!

One thing I noticed here in Sicily is how many men have green or blue eyes. Dark skinned, yet with eyes that come from the north. What a beautiful combination, even more to the fore now because of the mask usually covering the lower half of every face.

At an Italian restaurant in the old centre of Taormina, a waiter served us who wore a black mask and two beautiful blue eyes that to me seemed to have an element of transparency, so bright they were. I sat there reining in my instincts….. but my mind, untamable, went off on its own course.

I somehow found myself sitting alone and he, who had been eyeing me with those blue eyes and cheekily smiling all along, approached me and introduced himself as Claudio. He knew I’ll be alone for only a little while and asked me if I would join him for a drink when he finishes working at 10pm.

I smiled back and said OK, I’ll be here at 10pm. It’s all I could think of as the hours slowly continued along their progress, but 10pm did arrive and I found myself walking down the steps to Mamma Rosa, as the restaurant is called. I saw Claudio standing next to an open door opposite the restaurant. As soon as he saw me he said hi and moved to the right to make space for me to walk in.

I was confused, I thought we were going to a bar along the main road, but he said there is a bar all the way up on the roof, which is now closed, as many bars are from November till March. Hmm…. this evening has all of a sudden become spicy. I’ve spent days missing my exciting life in London and here I am with this mysterious young man taking me to an intimate rooftop bar in the heart of old Taormina.

He let me walk up first, but by the way his eyes kept eying me I knew he was playing with me, and I loved that, I love to play this game, too. I carried on up the steps and soon, on the third floor, the sky opened up wide and huge with a view that took my sight all the way down to the sea. He pressed a switch and what appeared in front of me was a sheltered living room type bar, with the bar on the right, a few wide sofas with pillows, foot rest ottomans, a fire place and a library to the far left. How lovely! I felt so inspired by this unexpected adventure and I couldn’t have found myself in a more mischievous mood.

One thing is sure, Sicilians do not beat around the bush. Oh they do play…. and Claudio did so by taking my hand and leading me to the widest sofa. Asked me what drink I want and went to take it for me after lighting the fire. Soon he sat next to me. We still played pretense, but my body read every single detail of his body language. I felt the heat of his thigh pressed to mine, and the heat of his body pressed against my shoulder and hip. The fire created a lovely effect in his eyes.

Talking to Italians is easy. The lower South one goes, the easier it gets to be open and chat to anyone known or stranger. Here in Sicily I noticed that people make contact all the time. They look at you in the eyes, they check you out. I love this. There is nothing bashful in their approach, I have locked eyes so many times and the eyes I saw were wholly available. How different this is in London where everyone is constantly running to their next thing! Though I can’t complain….. my lifestyle is perfect to make up for it all.

By then, I really liked Claudio. He was funny, sociable, and a wonderful flirt. My body language followed his like a well rehearsed dance, it was obvious what we both wanted and I was dying to touch him. Between a word and the next, I placed my hand on his chest. He got silent and looked at me for a moment that felt deliciously suspended in time, I felt his playful sexuality enveloping me and I let mine do the same as he leaned closer to kiss me.

The whole setup of this evening felt like a dream. I held him and pressed my hand tighter now on his thigh. He pushed his tongue inside my mouth and I slowly sucked at it, licked it drinking in his saliva, his lovely mid-length brown hair brushing against my cheeks, I held them with my other hand pushing his handsome head closer before I realized we were now lying down on the sofa his hands confident and knowing all over me……. I loved his kisses, this is exactly the way I like to kiss I thought………

All of a sudden he was in front of me asking me whether I wish to have anything else. Dizzy and very confused, I tried to focus my eyes better. I looked and he was standing in front of me at the table asking me whether I would like anything else. My relative gave me a pat on the shoulder as if to wake me up. What! OH NO! Have I dreamed the whole thing literally in the blink of an eye, have I been sitting on this chair all along??? Did my mind play a dirty trick on me and this blue eyed boy’d never come out of his apron! Oh my….. I have dreamed up the whole thing. Crazy me. Pazza, as the Italians say. Pazza sono….. ma come farò a trascorrere quattro altre notti così….. how will I make it to behave for four more nights! I will, somehow, I do want to make sure my relative has a great time. And so I quietly replied, “No thank you, that is all.”

I do miss the buzz and constant adventure of my London life, so, London, be ready for me 🙂 I’ll be back form the 16th of November onwards and I’m counting on all of you to be my flirt every single day….. ❤️❤️❤️ !


Elizabeth xxx