A lovely and sunny month at last 💐

Where has summer gone? I have the impression that it flew by fast, mine was filled with dinners, unending adventures, restaurants, nights together, expensive shopping !! and in short, all the good things for a lady.

What now…. I carry on with the year and soon changing seasons…. I stay still in this city full of people, outdoor sitting areas of cafes and restaurants full, at last sweet normalcy. Hmm, I do have a trip in mind though, to Sicily at the end of October, and then home for a week. You do know how chatty I get on holiday… about my current lovers, about new lovers, or crushes…. I know my blog entries will become much more regular then!

I know I’ve been a bit silent on here for the past two months, where do I begin… my life has been so intense I hardly had the time to sit and compose anything in writing. I let my hair down if you will 🙂 and dived into new experiences with all kinds of fascinating people and friends, it has been quite a roller coaster that has now landed on a smooth and quiet plain… so here I am, writing at last.

I feel so lucky, what a fun life I have gradually over the years composed for myself 🙂 with all of you, your stories, your sense of humour, your friendship and amorous ways ❤️ (…) these are the unending adventures I mentioned above, something that fills my life with wonder every day.

We are now approaching the end of September and I just wished to say hi 🙂 hoping to meet you in person at some point, to hear how you have been… and what is your unique, special reason to come and be with me…..

I’ll go back now to enjoying my life, and wish you all the same 🙂

Lots of love

Elizabeth xoxox