Due to family circumstances, my wonderful webmaster was absent for some time. With some delay, this blog is a ‘conclusion’ to my holidays….. I wrote it while still on the plane.

I wish to attach it almost like a farewell, hoping that some of these tales might find in the future a part 2, or even a part 3…. ❤️

Hi everybody,

I am back in London. It wasn’t as difficult to travel as the news on TV every day keeps trying to convince us all, that it is. Take this as my personal travel advice!

This blog post will be short…… I’m actually not yet in London, but I’m on the plane back. I shall land in one hour.

I spent the first hour of my flight with my eyes closed, fantasizing about a special girl I met during my holidays. She is a 20 yo lesbian rapper singer. I’ve felt this attracted to girls in the past…… at times. But never like this. I approached her after both her concerts, and I made it clear for her to understand what is going on inside me. She got me, she even felt my energy….. but she has a girlfriend and there is nothing else I can do this time but hope that next time she will be single.

I also met with M. again last night. Those who have read my previous blogs know who M. is. We went in Trieste to a lovely bar by the water, near a lighthouse. On the ground floor there is a really nice restaurant, and on the upper floor a long big terrace with two bars and the view to the sunset.

We spent three hours chatting, and cuddling, and kissing, and touching….. I’m not very bashful in public if I like someone. No sex, and I don’t wish to make up a spectacular naughty and filthy evening to catch all of your attention, I can only write about what really happens to me….. and I am happy to say that even without the the sex my evening with M. was perfect. I love so much to share warmth, intimacy, and to tease…… I’ve always found this side of the MF interaction just as important.

In my opinion, there is no better than a mix of all kinds of sharing between a man and a woman who are attracted to each other. From a cuddly kiss, to downright furious sex….. and all in between ❤️ !

As I wait for the plane to land I’ll now continue to fantasize about my very special singer….. I also fantasize about asking my girl Carla do go out with me to lesbian nights out. To see whom I might meet…… it can be such an adventure 🙂 I like to expose myself like that. I might have also something pretty spicy to write about some day! Would you like to follow me into my lesbian party nights……? I think you would.

For those who keep asking me who do I like the most, boys or girls, my answer is : I am 100% into both.


Can’t wait to dive head first into London again, and share with all of you boys and girls :PP xx

Kisses and hugs,

Elizabeth xxx