Those of you who have read my previous blog know that I was soon to leave for a holiday back home, and that my lover was coming to get me at the airport.

I never expected such a night, but it was beyond my wildest dreams.

He actually drove back from an island in Croatia where he was holidaying with some friends, just to pick me up. The whole evening felt already surreal as I waited for him in front of Arrivals. The air warmer than in London, more humid and summery, I was open to anything that night, but one thing I knew for sure……. I really wanted to feel M. completely.

As he pulled up in his car in front of me and came out to help me with my luggage, my whole body throbbed deliciously in expectation….. we hadn’t seen each other for nine months and I had fantasized a lot about this evening.

As soon as we drove off, our hands started exploring each other . I pulled my seatbelt wider and moved closer to him, to touch him….. I found it hard to believe that he was mine and mine only, at least for that evening. I still had the fantasy to suck his cock as he drove……. I pointed at his trousers and nodded “open them…..?” but he said no…. too dangerous…….. I expected that and smiled, continuing with my kisses. I loved his hand probing inside my bra, between my legs, I felt already overwhelmed by his sexual energy.

I know very well the effect he has on me and three days before my arrival I had told him to stop playing with himself.

We drove to the part of Trieste in front of the sea where there are many bars and restaurants. As we left the car and walked towards the multitudes of people seated outside, we met with a few more friends of his and one of them in particular joined us. I will call him L.

He is tall and handsome, I thought. Mmm. I’d like to put my hands on that tight back just to feel him.

In one of the bars, upstairs, there is a very intimate area with two sofas separated by a big wooden table, a library, a few more smaller tables and chairs, but nobody around. Everyone preferred to sit outside. All of a sudden, I found myself right there, upstairs, on one of the sofas, seated between my lover and his friend L.

I had fantasized of devouring my lover tonight, but not a MMF threesome….. and that is what was in the making, I was 100% sure of that. I felt intrigued and attracted in some way.

I turned around, facing them. I started thinking…….. I couldn’t resist, I started touching L. I put my hand on his chest, I felt him….. I leaned forward and started kissing him. I asked myself how do I feel about being with both of them tonight. I wasn’t sure…… L. seemed to me a bit too eager. I told him to be a good boy, sit back, and let me get on. He listened……. but I soon realized that I loved the kisses and the ways of my lover so much more.

I gave myself a bit more room to check things better…… I kissed and touched L. again. I kissed and touched M.

And I knew………. I want M. only, and I am so completely wild for him.

They proposed to go to a friend’s house.

Turns out they have a friend who keeps his amazing flat open and available for friends only, to use if they need it for parties, or for meeting girls.

It was just the three of us….. and I still held a few doubts, I repeated clearly that I can’t take care of both of them……… they were OK with that, though I got pensive. The tiredness of the whole day started crushing down on me…… packing my luggage the entire morning, the flight, it was two in the morning when we finally got there.

I said: “Why didn’t we come directly to this place???” It was beautiful, a spectacular big flat with wonderful high wooden ceilings, minimally furnished though with all the comforts; so bizarre that my friends could just come here and walk in. Door open. Nobody inside.

But I was by now exhausted….. not even the third Red Bull I was drinking helped. L. sat in front of me and started massaging my feet. I think he still held hopes that this might turn into an MMF.

I pulled my feet away and complained of being way too tired for anything….. M. meanwhile walked to the wonderful wide sofa in front of the big plasma TV, and invited me to join him. I slowly got up and went to him, thinking: “Oh M……. why didn’t you bring me here straight from the airport?!!”

But when he started kissing me, pulling my clothes off, his jeans, his underwear…… his big cock now out in his full erect glory, I felt completely unable to stop what was going on. He laid next to me, kissing me, putting my legs up, and slowly penetrated me. I…… the only thing I knew for sure, is that I wanted him.

He pushed inside me, and started fucking me, sliding in and out of my soaking wet pussy. Almost always on top of me, he sped up, and continued pushing deeper inside me…….. this is something that crazed him I noticed, to push his cock deep.

All the while L. watched. Once, he came to hold my hands above my head as M. kept wildly penetrating me. M. offered why don’t I kiss him, but I didn’t want that.

“I want only you M.”

M. unleashed his huge energy on me, he fucked me hard and relentlessly. On and on he pushed deep, this way, that way, untiringly. I got to know him………. drinking in his sexual energy felt better than drinking the most delicious of wines. His thick hard cock inside me was paralyzing me. He kept thrusting on and on, hard, furious, I felt his orgasm approaching until he pulled out and came on top of me.

L. soon after that sat next to us and said how obvious it was that I wanted M.…… there we were, the three of us, sitting on a sofa, two of us completely naked and smeared in cum.

We tidied up the place and left it as we found it…… doors open.

Soon we were in the car driving home through empty, long, wide roads. In the middle of the night, some time past 4pm, not a car in sight, the night air still warm……. I, with a very mellow and inebriated grin on my face.

I can’t wait to have sex with M. again.