Hello everybody,

Isn’t it marvelous to recognize normality in this town again? We are at the end of May and despite the rain (we do need to look at the bright side) London has reopened and that’s all that matters.

I see things reverting back to their old setup, an easeful setup of things I haven’t seen in almost a year. It’s heartening.

With the sun coming out this week🌞my phone won’t stop ringing, and except for the fact that I haven’t stopped for 8 months and  now need a holiday (!) I can say that life is fabulous.

But I do have a holiday planned !!! I’m going home mid-June and will be back at the end of the month. Can’t wait !! To be by the sea and share in the slow vibe.....

Despite the pandemic London has never stopped being a rollercoaster for me😀and I’ve always loved the wonderful erotic company that all of you, my special friends, have never ceased to bring me. 🥰

Thank you for making this pandemic for me so painless 🥰 omg how many naughty new memories I’ve got, what wonderful threesomes I have shared with my special girl friend Carla, how nice it was to sit with all of you and listen to your stories, slow down, sharing in wonderful conversation until we both feel the right moment has come to kiss.....

It really is a special window of erotic fantasy in which we have always been able to dive in, despite the world all around us having stopped. I like a lot creating it with you.

Soon, soon, travel will restart, for everyone..... I’m very positive, more because there is nothing that can ever stop me from getting on that plane mid -June! I’ll make up whatever excuse I need! I can’t wait to be with my family and friends though I can’t believe it to be honest...... half the time it feels like a mirage. It’ll be a wonderful moment when the plane actually takes off and once mid-air I am 100% sure that I’m at last being blessed with a much needed change of scenery. It is so important for a healthy mind and a balanced soul, at least for me........

So, ladies and gents, I know it hasn’t been the same for everyone, but I hope that my positivity might be at least a little bit infectious 🥰 and to never stop receiving your wonderful emails, calls and messages. Planning our magical and sensual tête-à-têtes adds so much adventure to our lives. I cannot do without 🥰 !

Take care everyone 💋💋💋

With much love,

Elizabeth xxx