The way things that turn me on complement each other 🍒🍒🍒

It was late in the afternoon, I was laying on my bed, browsing on Google for sexy GIFs I would download and share on my naughty Twitter feed.

Twitter is a place for me where I can share my fantasies, where I can “talk” visually, through the GIFs that I share, about what’s on my mind. To be able to share all these erotic clips on a platform of my own is inebriating and extremely freeing 🙂 it is just plain great to be linked with all of you who feel the same way I feel when looking at visions of two girls sensually together..... mmmm 🥰 I love that and it excites me even more.

We all have things that sexually “do it for us”. I love to look at girl-on-girl erotic scenes, but isn’t this something I have in common with every single man??? The fact that I offer my warm (and eager....!) services to couples as well, or to single girls, doesn’t make me a lesbian. But it does make it a specialty. Every chef has a signature dish! If you know what I mean.

Coming back to my afternoon.

I was there looking at all the marvelous girl-on-girl action, fantasizing about a Spanish girl in town I am planning an erotic date with right these days, and I couldn’t ignore a moist throbbing between my legs. Just like that, I reached out with my fingers under my pj comfy pants, and started touching my wet self, slowly, as I continued to look at the erotic GIFs and clips. I had more than enough time before a lovely client’s arrival an hour away, to enjoy this spontaneous fun on my own, in preparation...

It was amazing how wet I was, it felt so good to gently massage with my fingers my very sensitive and responding pussy. I did that for quite a while, my left hand holding the phone and scrolling the erotic blogs full of beautifully suggestive lesbian scenes, girls showing off their beautiful hungry flowers, girls touching themselves, touching each other, omg, it was crazy how powerful just one single GIF can be. I could look at just this one, on and on, and my pussy would throb even more intensely, loving the soft fingers massaging it, greedy, not wanting the fun to stop.

The clock top left on my phone screen showed that I only had half an hour before my client’s arrival, I have been touching myself for a long sweet time by now, and I was ready to cum. I started looking for a GIF that I could stare at forever, and with it let my pussy reach the height of its pleasure. When I found it, it was a wonderful GIF where one girl was lying on a big sofa with her leg right up, so well moved back that it showed both her thighs parted and her pussy in full view. Meanwhile the other girl was between her legs, now able to enjoy an extremely welcoming and fully exposed pussy crying to be eaten, and this is what she did, she feasted on it on and on.

I looked at this and continued touching myself, more vigorously, deeply, with increased speed and pressure, the screen in front of me drove me wild, and my pussy responded by reaching ever higher levels of pleasure until my whole body shook and I came, my fingers still massaging my greedy, moist, swollen lips, now flooded with juices, relief, and sweet feeling.....

Gosh, I said to myself, this is actually the first time I played with myself by watching only and exclusively ladies. It felt great! Visually too, they are all like goddesses to me....... and my body was oh so lusciously turned on now, even more so because in just 20 mins I had a lovely 26 yo guy coming to visit me.

Soon there was a knock at my door, and I let M. in. This was our first meeting and I liked instantly his fresh and confident personality. He was obviously very horny: unable to normally date because of lockdown, he decided to come to me. I was ready......

After he refreshed himself in the bathroom, I undressed him and asked him to lay down on the bed where just 20 mins ago I had made myself cum. How sexy and perfect, I thought.......

All of it was such a turn on for me, that by the time he eventually came on top of me unleashing all his youthful vigor, the sensations between my legs so utterly delicious, I realized how dizzyingly inebriating was my bisexuality, how awesome to be able to play like this, with both sexes, through so many different scenarios.

Mmmm, this boy felt amazing, and I started fantasizing about that Spanish girl again. Tania. I must contact her with a clear plan to meet, what would I do to her..... I would like to lift her leg up in the same way and have her pussy fully open for me to eat just like in the GIF....... This boy is insatiable, and I so full of imagination and hunger for him, with visions of threesomes in my head.... I think it couldn’t have been a more perfectly mixed sexual session, in elements both real and imaginary. I was being turned on in every way.


Here I am, all of a sudden almost at the end of a blog that I had initially planned for a more general catch-up, and in which to include of course my best Xmas and NY wishes for you all.

But these past few days, as I mulled over different themes for it....... deep down I knew that I prefer not to have a set plan when I sit to write. Best it is (I wholeheartedly agree with this.....) to let myself go “freestyle”, to be influenced by what happens to me on a day to day bases, and describe just that.

So Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to us all !!! And when you look at my Twitter feed....... imagine what I might be doing this end as I look for these oh so tasteful sights to share....... 💋💋💋