OMG, how fast the world has changed again.

I feel so lucky to have managed to go home in Italy literally ‘in the nick of time’, to have had such a carefree holiday with my family and friends, to have enjoyed a lot more sunshine than London has at the end of September and beginning of October, to have relaxed… as I did during my walks through the old town, and by the sea.

I flew back to London the 8th of October and breezed through the airport, no questions asked. One week later, Italy joined the red list again and was imposed a curfew, as were so many other European states. I just can’t let these latest events change my happy mood in any way…. I truly did have a wonderful and memorable time back home.

My idea was to rest and recharge in the healthy sea air, the outdoors that reinvigorates the body like nothing else does.... to take my time, slow down, read the books I brought with me (I finished the book of Bernadine Evaristo, “Girl, Woman, Other…” that deals with gender, lesbians, and the efforts that all these non-conformist personalities make to create for themselves a fulfilling life. I loved it.) Another activity I wanted to do a lot of is swimming! Yes 🙂 I was eager to try the new Olympic swimming pool.

Where I come from, swimming and waterpolo are very popular. I myself swam for my home club all through adolescence so it’s always a lot of fun to meet all the many friends that still swim, like me, and are always to be found by the pools. We have two Olympic swimming pools in a town that counts 26,000 people. This for me is a luxury.

Little did I know that among those that I was to meet again… will be an old lover of mine. Well, he is 5 years younger than me, but 7 or so years ago we used to have a great time together all over the place… with ‘all over the place’ I mean all the most unusual places where one can have sex. It was inevitable to ignore the strong spark I felt when I saw him again, and the look he gave me left no doubts to what his intentions were.

We had each other three times in the course of 2 weeks. Always at the pool. The excitement of hiding and the fear of being caught, to kiss him silently and gently, to touch each other, not scream when having sex. To be back home brought back in me that youthful daring, that excitement of sex that I felt during my experimental years - if I want to call them that… I mean, all the crazy things we do when we are young, and are not lucky yet to have a bed at our disposal, and so make do wherever we can….. in the change rooms at the pool, in the tiny storage rooms we can lock, in the toilet cubicles, in the car, at the park.

The last evening I was home we waited till everyone was gone at 10pm. I was out with friends around the corner, having drinks and waiting for my lover’s text. When my phone shined at 10:10pm with the message “Coast is clear” I left my friends and walked the short walk to the pool where he was waiting for me….. nobody else in this massive Olympic complex, the swimming pool water peacefully gurgling ready for a night’s rest before the schools come again in the morning…. We had the whole place to ourselves and the sex this time was wilder and louder because we could not get caught or be overheard, we could completely let ourselves go…. on the lifeguard’s stretcher. Ha! Imagine…… what home does to some of us and I loved every minute of it.

The truth was that this waterpolo player was not my only lover back home this time. There is another guy I went out with many times. He is my age, almost 40 yo, and a huge womaniser though what I also saw in him is a need for sweet…… that’s what I read, under all the bravado and naughty talk, I saw a man that would be happy to cuddle all day, too. So this turned out to be a harder cookie to crack….. Several evenings out, and I took it almost as a challenge to tease him so much with my mind and the things I chose to say to him, to render him so horny his jeans would start to burst at the seams, that indeed I won during our third evening out together, and we had sex in his big car until 3am.

These things one does when young and free, I truly didn’t expect to relive all these fabulous emotions this time back home but I did, and this is why I say I am so grateful I had such a gorgeous holiday, and this is why I can’t believe it how the world has changed so dramatically in only a week since I got back. Now, back in Italy, the curfew is from 9pm till 6am. Ha! If I would be home now, I wouldn’t be able to wait until 10pm and go devour my lover at the swimming pool…. I wouldn’t be able to park somewhere, with a view of the sea, and devour my other lover until 3am… do u see my point? 😉

So, be grateful with all the fun we had this summer 🙂 and for all the naughty fun we still can have here in London….

Awaiting ya & love ya all 😉❤️


Elizabeth xxxx