Before the lockdown, just before, I was very lucky to take part in a four girls photoshoot, me and three other sweet girlfriends ❤️. I knew from the start that there wasn’t going to be the usual initial discomfort in front of the camera, the nervousness and hopeful “will this be a successful photoshoot?”.

When shooting together it is always so much easier! And what I especially loved was the four times augmented creativity, the constant sharing of ideas, the fun to make things up, new positions, expressions, the laughter and spontaneity of it all. It all flowed way more smoothly and effortlessly than when I am on my own, and the mixing creative energies of us four strong and independent ladies came through as very sexy!

We have just spent almost two months in lockdown and I found myself browsing through all those photos and realised I haven’t shared none of them yet. One reason is perhaps because all business has slowed down and in some ways come to a full stop. Remembering by looking at these photos how much fun we had when nobody was afraid to be next to one other, to caress, kiss, be sensual, pose…. carelessly laugh and hug.... remembering all this gives me the wish to share these photos in a blog post 🙂 to celebrate the freedom of being together, the playing and the intimacy of closeness.

Well… my personal experience of this period is actually very pleasant…... I still live my life as if everything is normal. I refuse to live my life afraid, I am not a frightful creature anyhow. I also LOVE to be by myself, I love it very much 🙂 I love the freedom to cycle every day, to enjoy the parks every day, the sunshine, the absence of traffic and traffic noise, the calm and the life at my own pace. The luxury of this in the very heart of London, months-long, is unprecedented, and oh I AM making the most of it, I welcome it as a break  when we have the time to notice things we never had the time to notice before as we always rush so much. This doesn’t mean I am not sad for the awful human losses, it is harrowing the harm this virus is imparting globally. But I also believe that I can’t help with fear or negativity….. and so, I am loving instead, this release….. the chance to let-go for a while.

Coming back to the pictures of me and my gorgeous girls ❤️ I hope you like them as much as I do and that you also see in them a message of unity and togetherness. Hmm… a message of sensual unity and togetherness perhaps is more apt in this case ❤️❤️ imagine if you were visited by four very beautiful and voluptuous ladies during your dreams at night…. oh my, for a fact I know how frustrated most men currently are... and that in the delirious excitement of your fantasies you may have already imagined to be with as many girls as your vision can take! Good boy…. do practice on that…. and some day, who knows…. here are some ideas for you. ;P

Andy 4th May 2020 at 1:11pm

Lovely blog, Elizabeth, and how great to read you are making the most of this peculiar time. Your 4-girl photo-shoot is by far your best shoot yet, in my opinion. So sensual and sexy at the same time!
Big hugs