Hi everybody !

I hope you are all well when you are reading this latest blog. There is still a great uncertainty about Brexit as we never know what’ll happen next. But one thing is for sure: spring is on its way and the sun will come shining through the clouds. It will be so wonderful to stop for a coffee or something else on one of the many London’s terraces.

Over the last couple of months I started introducing some erotic tantric massage practices into my erotic sessions with some of my lovely clients. Imagine me naked and sliding my well oiled body and boobs over your body and my tummy massaging your groin and pleasuring your rock hard cock. A delicious warm up for what follows after that. If you are interested in a combination of erotic tantric body to body massage from your number one Escort London just ask me about it and I will be happy to put that big big smile on your face. Hmmmm :-))))

I have just posted a whole series of new exciting pictures on the Membership’s page. This page is for member’s only. Signing up is easy and once you have been approved please enjoy the  extra erotic pictures and stories. Hmm deliciously hot haha.

Hope you have a lovely day!

Sweet kisses from Elizabeth.