Squeaking breaks and shouting. “Hmm what is happening over there?” thought McMillan, while at the same time having a flashback of the woman he met a while ago in a cocktail bar in Tel Aviv. He quickened his pace, rounded the corner and saw a black BMW limo pulled up alongside the curb with it’s doors wide open. Standing next to it was the driver and he seemed to be arguing with two businessmen wearing sunglasses accompanied by a woman in heels, black skirt and a white blouse with an outstanding figure. Somehow her casual sexy attitude was a counterbalance for the hot headed behaviour of the guys around her. McMillan drew closer and than his breathing just stopped right there: “WTF it is the woman I met in the bar in Tel Aviv!” 

He asked himself: “What are the odds to see her in Chelsea, and yet here she is!” He decided to keep walking and glanced at her...she looked at him for a split second and looked away again. He was sure she had recognised him.

That occasion in Tel Aviv had been quite something. He was there on assignment for a German company as a consultant involved in the take over of a local company. After seven days of negotiations he had a day off to relax a little bit. Being on his own he longed for some company and glanced at some internet ads and one caught his attention: “Elizabeth, the perfect Girl Friend Experience wherever you like it to be.” He had sent her an email and a couple of hours later she had responded and suggested to meet in a cocktail bar and take it from there. He told her a little bit about his background and that he would love to take her out for dinner and spend a sweet night together and she answered that “All will be fine and not to worry”. If he would like it she would make a reservation in a lovely local restaurant where they could be really private, have dinner and after that they could go where ever he wanted to go. 

When she entered the cocktail bar he was instantly won over. Beautifully dressed with a perfect balance between stylish and sexy and with a beaming smile and perfect manners she welcomed him and soon they were in deep conversation forgetting the world around them. He felt so relaxed and both engaged and energised at the same time. And he couldn’t keep his eyes of her amazing figure. When she went to the bathroom he followed her with his eyes and felt a little pulse in his cock trying to imagine being with her in an intimate setting. 

After another cocktail it was time for dinner, she ordered a taxi and soon they arrived at the restaurant. It was a place near the beach with private booths and after ordering the expanded set menu with the wines included and adapted to the courses he felt overwhelmed by her presence and beauty and just had to tell her. “Elizabeth you are a pearl, a one of a kind and it is so amazing how I feel with you.” She smiled and looked at him deep in the eyes and said “Wait how you will feel later tonight” and at the same time she found his upper legs with her feet under the table and started to use her feet in a creative way, occasionally touching his cock while keeping eye contact. They toasted to the evening while by now he felt the evening couldn’t be better. 

After having had dessert he suggested to go for a walk on the beach to let the food settle and then slowly but surely go to the hotel to enjoy whatever the night had in store for them.

They walked down the stairs leading to the beach while he carried her heels and gave her an arm which she gratefully accepted. Once they had walked out to the waves he pulled her towards him and in the glowing moonlight they kissed. He felt her well shaped breasts pushing against his chest while her tongue was searching his. Soon they were lost in erotic delight while enjoying the sound of the waves and the warm evening air. 

“Come let’s walk a bit” he said while putting his arm around her shoulder and they strolled along the beach. 

They reached a quiet part of the beach and she pulled him over and made him sit down. Before he knew it her hand was slowly opening his pants and her gentle and well shaped hands started working his now full hard cock. She stripped his pants a bit further down and sucked and licked him with such a nice and subtle erotic touch that the resulting waves of pleasure made him almost shake out of control. She felt to perfection when he was about to come and she slowed down to let him subside. Than she just kissed him and said to him “Darling shall we slowly go to your hotel and relax?” “Oh yes that would be great!” he said. They walked back to the boulevard and got a taxi to his hotel. 

They shared a long night of erotic and sensual highlights made extra pleasant by champagne for him and some lovely non alcoholic cocktails for her. 

One of the love games they played was that she would blind fold him and change into a different set or outfit. Once ready she would take the blindfold off, surprise him and be his Queen once more. Close to five in the morning they were still wide awake and he realised she had made him come at least three times and still she managed to energize him. 

He loved her cute well shaped sex, sexy breasts and felt just so good entering her. She moved with him in perfect sync leading him yet again to a mind blowing orgasm. He felt like floating in space and just didn’t want it to stop. Period. 

In the morning they slept to about 10:00, and had a lovely breakfast delivered to the room. 

“Thank you Elizabeth you were so amazing”. She put her fingers on his lips and stroked him and just said “sssshhh baby it was great, you were amazing too!”

“The perfect girlfriend experience” he thought while he was calling a taxi for her. 

Before she left the room she hugged and kissed him and than quickly opened and closed the door leaving him behind already dreaming about seeing her again. 

And now he was walking here on a Summer’s afternoon in Chelsea, seeing her, unable to talk to her, realising he didn’t have any contact details of her as he had used the ad in Tel Aviv with the email address listing and hadn’t kept it.

Reality stared him in the face and he thought: “If I don’t do something now, quickly, than I might not see her ever again!”

He got his wallet out of his pocket and grabbed one of his business cards. He turned around as he was now about a hundred yards past the spot where she was standing with the two business men and the driver, who were still arguing, although their voices seemed quieter now. 

In a resolute manner he walked back and when he approached them he adopted this kind of “lost look” on his face and without any hesitation he walked towards her and said “Excuse me are you familiar here? I am looking for Chelsea Park Gardens?”

She looked him straight in the eyes and started to explain where he needed to go while the men kept arguing. Half way he simply dropped the business card in her half open bag which of course she noticed but she kept talking. “Thank you very much, that is very kind of you!” he said while he turned away and continued to walk towards the corner from where he had appeared a couple of minutes ago. 

Half an hour later his mobile buzzed.....

He looked at the number....


It was her. 

He couldn’t wait and picked up...