I remember my last date with Georgio. The Italian businessman, who comes twice a year to London, to oversee his business subsidiary here. And who always books me for a long evening that often lasts into the early hours of the night.

He is an absolute romantic at heart and is the perfect companion for a glamorous evening out. He loves a perfect Girlfriend Experience and couldn’t find a better partner in crime than me.

About two weeks before he arrives in London he will send me a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates together with his invitation for an evening out. After I confirm his requested date he organises the whole evening. From the limo to the exquisite restaurant to the club for after dinner drinks.

On the evening itself he will send me a picture of his outfit and all he asks is for me to wear something really nice and matching. Of course I am happy to oblige. He will send a car to fetch me and we meet in the restaurant and you can leave it to him to choose one. How he finds these hidden gems in London I don’t know but he does!

While we enjoy all these delicious courses of food with the accompanying drinks he tells me what he has been up to over the last half year and in turn loves to hear my stories. Very gently he will take my hand and tell me how beautiful I am and that he loves my smell and outfit so much. It is just so perfect with him!

After this delicious dinner we usually visit a club and have a few after dinner drinks like some wonderful cocktails. I don’t drink alcohol so I just love the pure fruit cocktails. Wonderfully relaxing, just so chill!

Then, after a while, there appears a light twinkle in his eyes and he will suggest that we retreat to his hotel in order to relax. He arranges the car and before we know it we arrive at his lovely hotel. The suite he usually has is just wonderful. Magnificent view over the City and really nicely decorated. And with a jacuzzi which is so nice to enjoy together.

His favourite pastime late at night is a very stylish and glamorous role play. For which he dresses up in a tuxedo and pretends to be courting and seducing me. Like in the old days. Last time he was here we just played it to perfection. Also in bed he is the absolute gentleman and in everything he does the lady comes first. Literally in this case lol.

So now I am looking forward to my next perfect GFE, and maybe you, my dear reader, would love to have one with me? I would love to be your stylish sexy lady and make your dreams come true on an evening like this. The perfect Girl Friend Experience!

Let me seduce you into a world of bliss and glamour.

Yours truly with lots of kisses!!!

Elizabeth of London.