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Thank you for another wonderful afternoon. You’re an incredible woman. Have a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to see you again soon xx

by Marshall on Elizabeth of London
Forget ‘social distancing’, Webcam rocks!! ;))

Yaayy heyyy! :)) Webcamming – Elizabeth has indeed ‘offered’ it (in her Blog, the 22nd of April, and my reply just after her text), and it’s brilliant! I never would have believed it. It was my first ever Webcam session and although, as Elizabeth says in her Blog, “Nothing beats the real thing”, this came as close as it could possibly be. The main point is she also says she thinks “it can still be fun”. And it was – GREAT fun, with much laughter, as well as being sexy and sensual. Elizabeth is a ‘natural’, and clearly delighted in rolling provocatively around the bed in her skimpy, red lingerie, hold-ups and high heels, whilst touching herself and ‘talking dirty’. She’s incredibly fit and athletic, so looks amazing, and she moves with feline grace, which is oh so sexy. As I say, this was my first webcam experience, so I didn’t really know what to do. But Elizabeth led me sexily through it, and when she asked if I’d like to let her see me, well that took things to a whole new level as I switched on my video, and really got into it as she watched and urged me on with saucy, encouraging words. She says seeing the guy playing with himself gets her turned on – and she did indeed seem to be, I could so clearly read that in her eyes and facial expressions which kept turning me on all the more. I first only booked 30 minutes because I had no idea how things would go, but very quickly realised this was going to be fantastic, and extended by an hour. SO glad I did because it meant Elizabeth had more time to really get up to all sorts of naughty things, including tantalisingly peeling off her lingerie and fully exposing herself to the camera. The combination of all these sights took me up on a very playful and intense wave of arousal and she made me cum twice! Elizabeth also came, from playing with her pussy and toying her clit right in front of the screen – if only my computer monitor could talk! So, Webcamming rocks, at least with Elizabeth, and will keep me going during lockdown until I can again see ‘the real thing’. Huge thanks, Elizabeth, for an amazing session :)) – my first webcam, but not my last. Big kisses to you, Marshall XXX

Intimate tales

Elizabeth, it was such a joy to meet you again the other night. I think we spent nearly the first hour chatting and catching up and swapping tales! That chat we had as you massaged me...I can almost still feel your wondrous hands on my back and neck now 😀 I’m also laughing at my attempt to use a vibe on you, I definitely do not have the skill needed to pleasure you correctly and I’m so glad you took control and saved my blushes 🤗 it was such a pleasure to spend a few hours in your company and I can’t wait to meet you again. ❤️

by RUExperienced on Elizabeth of London
8 Hundred Million-Out-Of-10!!

WOW – what an amazing session, with an amazing lady! There’s clearly something wrong with me! Last saw Elizabeth back in the summer of 2018 for a truly brilliant session with just her (my review of June 29, 2018) and an equally brilliant threesome (August 31 review) – yes, over 18 months ago! No idea why I haven’t been back until now, but this beyond-belief session made me regret the long wait – doh! This was one of THE great sessions – hence my extravagant rating in the review title! Totally ‘effortless’ and relaxed and super sexy - I said she made me feel like ‘Rambo’, which amused us, and which made her my ‘Co’, his sexy side-kick in ‘First Blood: Part II’. Passionate kisses – thought I was being devoured – and posing and preening in her black leather jacket, TINY, open-crotch G-string and knee-high boots led to me taking ‘First Blood’ – DATY to a blistering orgasm by Elizabeth. She then took ‘Second, Third and Fourth Bloods’ – two expertly edged-out pre-cums and, later, the remaining load ‘unleashed’ after a vigorous bout of spooning. And, all the while, we just had a great laugh. Elizabeth has one of the loveliest smiles you could ever have beamed at you, and her happy, cheerful personality always makes me feel yummy all over! And she is ‘up’ for pretty much anything – this classy lady adores sex, and loves exploring all possibilities of sexuality, sensuality and eroticism.Huge thanks, ‘Elizabeth-Co’ – I won’t be leaving it anywhere near so long to come back for us to take Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, etc Bloods, lol! Mwaaaah! :)) xx

by Banksy on Elizabeth of London
First timer

Elizabeth had it all arranged. I was excited and truth be told, petrified as well. So might you be, if like me, a straight man, this was to be your first sexual experience with another man. I knew Elizabeth would be the perfect companion to guide me through this journey of discovery and how right I was. We started with a sensual massage that completely relaxed my tense, male ingénue body before our sexy 3rd arrived. They both continued to massage me, Elizabeth gently biting my neck as he rubbed, kissed, and licked me all over.What followed I can leave to your imaginations but safe to say I’m now a member of the bisexual club and it’s truly a liberating experience that I would never had the courage to enact without my beautiful partner in crime, Elizabeth ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ take courage and explore everything life has to offer, there are no limits other than the ones we place on ourselves. 🙏

by Richard on Elizabeth of London
Good afternoon Elizabeth,

This is Richard, Justine’s husband. I hope you don’t mind me emailing, I just wanted to express my thanks for Saturday. You made the pre and during experience so special for Justine and us. Justine really enjoyed her time with you and your approach was perfect. I am looking forward to further enjoyment between yourself, Justine and maybe me. Richard x

by Justine on Elizabeth of London
Good afternoon Elizabeth,

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. I just wanted to say it was lovely to meet you yesterday I enjoyed it very much. Justine xx ❤️

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for such a wonderful evening last night.I had a tremendous time, and I hope to see you again soon! Please stay in touch and let's go for a dinner date next time. Hope you remain in good spirit and in good health! Yours, L. Xx

Hello, Elizabeth.

Last summer, we were in touch for a possible date. I was drowned in your beautiful eyes, smile, and in lust with your mouthful nipples and beckoning lips. We planned a date where you would be my naughty and horny girlfriend, greeting me with a striptease and lapdance before making a hot, sticky mess together, and you suggested I bring some strawberries to feed each other.... I got nervous and the meeting never occurred... And whenever I read your blog, I regret it! In admiration, R.

Ciao Elizabeth,

Took me a while to get to write the review linked below. I tried my best but it still does not do you full justice. You are lovely and I had a wonderful time. By the way, I forgot to tell you in person that your website is amazing and highly inspiring. I will continue to look at it longingly until we meet again. XO P.Check out the review on The Erotic Review

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