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Elizabeth of London
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by Dazza on Elizabeth of London
Good to be back

Lockdown has meant a number of things to a lot of people. A long gap between visits to Elizabeth for one. Needless to say she was as welcoming, friendly, chatty and sexy as ever. She makes a real effort to get to know you and will do everything within her powers to make your time special. Thanks for welcoming me back and putting in the extra work 😉🥰.

by Anonymous on Elizabeth of London
Hi Elizabeth.

This is Richard. I just wanted to thank you again very much for a wonderful time. You were incredible! You are smart, friendly, and stunningly beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed your company. I will definitely plan to see you again. Until then, take care and live life to the fullest.

by RUExperienced on Elizabeth of London
Spontaneity a-go-go! ;))

WOW – another amazing session, with the amazing Elizabeth after a too-long, Covid-enforced absence. I pitched up at her place fully intent on reprising our ‘Rambo-and-Co’ enactment of taking ‘Fifth etc Bloods’ (my review of ‘Mar’ 15 2020). But you never know how things are actually gonna pan out in this wicked old world – and this session panned out fantastically well – the planets aligned and Fate smiled kindly on me. Turned out Elizabeth had been pondering some pics she’d like taken of herself, and knows that in my spare time I’m an amateur photographer. So, although our relationship is absolutely ‘escort-and-client’, we’re also kinda old friends, having seen each other a good few times and sharing similar interests, she said, completely spontaneously, “I want to have a bit of a photo-shoot to begin with.”, thus taking full control of the situation. Powerless to resist, it took me about a nano-second to think about it and decide well, yes, that would be a huge turn-on for me Elizabeth! And so we’re off – fantastic fun, with LOTS of laughs, just playing around with all sorts of naughty, creative positions, with her getting more and more ‘into’ it and provocative as the session ‘evolved’. Got quite a few fantastic pics. And, somewhere along the line, we also managed ‘Fifth Blood’ (Elizabeth ‘edging out’ an impressive set of cum spurts from me), ‘Sixth Blood’ (Elizabeth working herself to orgasm in doggy with a ‘Magic wand’ on her clit whilst I took her from behind, mounted up high, Sumo-style), and ‘Seventh Blood’ (Elizabeth wanking out the full load, sat across me in reverse cowgirl whilst looking back at me over her shoulder!). Rated her ‘8-hundred-million-out-of-10’ last visit but, after this session, that may be an underestimate – WOW! Huge thanks, Elizabeth, for a totally unexpected, off-the-norm, and hugely enjoyable time with you – spontaneity rules - mwaaaah! :)) xx

by Dean on Elizabeth of London
Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for a lovely afternoon 😍! You are beautiful in every way and I really hope I have the opportunity to meet you again 🤗🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰

by Marshall on Elizabeth of London
THE best way U2 – and you also – can get back to ‘the real thing’! ;))

So, although, as Elizabeth says in her Blog, “Nothing beats the real thing”, webcamming was truly great (my review of 3rd June). And, I DO know what ‘the real thing’ with Elizabeth is like – a heady mix of the sensual, the erotic, the sexual and the just downright fun-filled raunch! However, webcamming and memories of past ‘real things’ are all-well-and-good but, with lockdown now being eased, I just HAD to get out there and release some unbearably pent-up sexual frustration. And who better to oblige than Elizabeth (who also happens to be highly hygiene-conscious and her place is always spotlessly clean, so I felt pretty confident and ‘safe’ about seeing her). Well, it seemed like Elizabeth had some lockdown-induced pent-up sexual tension of her own to get out of her system, and I was a very lucky recipient. This session wasn’t just the ‘real thing’ this was, as U2 might declare, ‘better than the real thing’ – a truly unforgettable experience with a sexed-up lady completely intent on giving and receiving pleasure – Elizabeth is a ‘Bono’ fide hedonistic (but in a good way), naughty minx and easily has ‘The Edge’ on other escorts! Huge thanks Elizabeth, for banishing my Covid blues – and then some. Hugs and kisses, Marshall :)) xx

by Rony on Elizabeth of London
Hi Elizabeth,

I just wanted to say it was great to see you again! Let’s hope that there won’t be any more lockdowns to stop me seeing you again!! Take care and see you in a couple of weeks! Rony x

by M and E on Elizabeth of London
Hi Elizabeth,

Just a note from us both to say how much we enjoyed your company this evening. You were very beautiful in all ways and made us feel very  ‘looked after ‘. Thank you so much, M and E. Xx

by John and Lily on Elizabeth of London
Our first ever zoom-threesome

Hi Elizabeth, as promised, I wanted to drop you a line now when things are calmer and we've ended our 5-day anniversary celebration. And yeah, I wanted to tell you that YOU were a spectacular part of those, we had SO much fun with you - you just came across, deliberately or 'naturally', as super-perfect, making Lily feel at ease and excited and, as you saw (!!!) she really enjoyed it all ;-)...... We've kept talking about the 'shocking' surprise present I got her, and trust me, shocking is here meant in the very best of ways. I know you prefer your 'business as usual', but trust me, if you ever go back to remote-ways of working, you surely got a total talent for that. And we've talked a bit about person-to-person meeting, once things are calmer and this covid stuff is truly reduced - probably you coming here on an 'out-call'.... Well, that's future-music, right now I just wanted to get back with a bit more of 'feedback'. So you know you were sexy, natural, fun, patient, and super-hot 🙂 Take care x John (and Saffron)

by Vohrl on Elizabeth of London

Thank you for another wonderful afternoon. You’re an incredible woman. Have a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to see you again soon xx

by Marshall on Elizabeth of London
Forget ‘social distancing’, Webcam rocks!! ;))

Yaayy heyyy! :)) Webcamming – Elizabeth has indeed ‘offered’ it (in her Blog, the 22nd of April, and my reply just after her text), and it’s brilliant! I never would have believed it. It was my first ever Webcam session and although, as Elizabeth says in her Blog, “Nothing beats the real thing”, this came as close as it could possibly be. The main point is she also says she thinks “it can still be fun”. And it was – GREAT fun, with much laughter, as well as being sexy and sensual. Elizabeth is a ‘natural’, and clearly delighted in rolling provocatively around the bed in her skimpy, red lingerie, hold-ups and high heels, whilst touching herself and ‘talking dirty’. She’s incredibly fit and athletic, so looks amazing, and she moves with feline grace, which is oh so sexy. As I say, this was my first webcam experience, so I didn’t really know what to do. But Elizabeth led me sexily through it, and when she asked if I’d like to let her see me, well that took things to a whole new level as I switched on my video, and really got into it as she watched and urged me on with saucy, encouraging words. She says seeing the guy playing with himself gets her turned on – and she did indeed seem to be, I could so clearly read that in her eyes and facial expressions which kept turning me on all the more. I first only booked 30 minutes because I had no idea how things would go, but very quickly realised this was going to be fantastic, and extended by an hour. SO glad I did because it meant Elizabeth had more time to really get up to all sorts of naughty things, including tantalisingly peeling off her lingerie and fully exposing herself to the camera. The combination of all these sights took me up on a very playful and intense wave of arousal and she made me cum twice! Elizabeth also came, from playing with her pussy and toying her clit right in front of the screen – if only my computer monitor could talk! So, Webcamming rocks, at least with Elizabeth, and will keep me going during lockdown until I can again see ‘the real thing’. Huge thanks, Elizabeth, for an amazing session :)) – my first webcam, but not my last. Big kisses to you, Marshall XXX

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