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by Mark on Elizabeth
What a superb threesome xxx

Hi Elizabeth, it’s Mark, I saw u earlier with Maya, the Persian Princess 😜... I just wanted to say thank you for helping me on my journey and not judging me, you were both fun and sexy and thank you for making me feel good... loved ur book collection... clever lady x 

by Christine on Elizabeth
My first lesbian experience.

Hi Elizabeth, just a short thank you for yesterday evening you were very kind and pleasant. I really enjoyed it and it was very interesting to meet you. It was a great experience for me and I think I should make a few changes in life. If you make any experiences with the "Skirt Club" it would be great if you tell me. I'm curios how it is ;-). All the best and maybe we'll see each other again. Christine

by Andjoam on Elizabeth
Dear Elizabeth

This is neither a review nor an attempt to be an amateur stalker. It’s just a compliment. I really did enjoy the afternoon in your company. You must either be a fantastic actor or a truely nice person. The truth is probably both. Thank you. Sincerely yours A J

by Neil B. & Kate on Elizabeth
What an amazing surprise for me and my girlfriend ♥️

Hello lovely Elizabeth! You are amazing, we loved meeting you and we adore your sheer sexy loveliness. It was just great fun, like we had known you for years. We would love to both visit you next time. Given how stylish and sensual you are I bet your flat is really classy. I think I am in love with you! You are just adorable in every way. What is wonderful is your friendly happy energy is infectious - you are inspiring! We look forward to seeing you again very soon xxxx 🙂

by Frank on Elizabeth
I just want to say Thank You.

For being real, for being so sensitive, for just being...

by RUExperienced on Elizabeth
3-sum a-go-go – WOW!!!

You can keep your Holmes and Watson, Lennon and McCartney, and Batman and Robin, the only dynamic duo worth talking about is Elizabeth and Maya! Like others before me in this ‘Reviews’ section, having seen Elizabeth on her own for a brilliant session, I just HAD to experience Elizabeth in a 3-sum, and she’s fantastic! She and Maya worked effortlessly together to give me one of the best sessions I’ve ever had – totally tag-teamed me to oblivion! What between the expert ‘edging’ out of many ‘pre-cums’, and the explosive ‘finish’, these ladies kept me fully erect and hammer hard whilst squeezing every last drop of spunk out of me during this riotous, raunchy and fun-filled sex extravaganza! As Rod Stewart once sang (in ‘Legs’), gonna need a shot of vitamin E by the time they’d finished with me, lol! So – Elizabeth – great on her own; great in a 3-sum – gents; the choice is yours, lol! ;))

by James1078 on Elizabeth
I have finally booked them together!

I’ve met Maya many times but this was my first meeting with Elizabeth, and my first threesome with Maya. I had however seen Elizabeth’s profile before and added it to my hotlist. Not quite sure what made me finally book them together, but I couldn’t be happier that I did. Elizabeth arrived ahead of time and once Maya had arrived, the first thing I noticed, other than their beauty and amazing bodies, was how comfortable Maya and Elizabeth are with each other. There is a genuine connection and real affection between them, which leads to an incredibly adventurous and wild time. I’m not in to writing lots of detail here but I don’t think there was a single moment when any of us wasn’t “actively involved”. I cannot speak highly enough about these two incredible women. As I’ve said, they are beautiful, generous, wild, open, sensual, sexy and simply wonderful. Maya stole my heart a while ago but after this particular meeting I think she is going to have to share it with Elizabeth . I can’t wait for more adventures with these sirens. Xxxx

by Olodar on Elizabeth
Unforgettable fun afternoon

My date with Elizabeth was one to remember! From the moment I entered her spotless and comfortable apartment I was stunned by her beauty. Next to that she is intelligent, well travelled and full with naughty surprises :-)) I had opted for a “tie and tease” add on so I let her play with me and tickle my sensitive parts for quite a while, which took me to heaven and back several times... Wow! Needless to say that I highly recommend seeing naughty Elizabeth!

by RUExperienced on Elizabeth
In A Class Of Her Own

‘Of high or superior class; esp. stylish and sophisticated’ is how the Oxford English Dictionary defines ‘classy’.Well, a good few escorts advertise themselves ‘classy’, and they may well be, but Elizabeth sure is genuinely ‘classy’!You can see it in her website design, in her Blog, and in her photos, which do truly represent what she looks like apart, of course, from the blurred face (you won’t be disappointed when you see her in the flesh).But don’t let her poised, calm, almost serene, exterior fool you. Underneath that outward classiness lurks an exceptionally naughty minx just waiting to take you by surprise! Elizabeth went all out to make sure I had a brilliant time with her. Greeted me at the door in black heels, ‘designer’ lingerie and a cheeky smile. And then it was pretty much straight into it with kissing, cuddling, general fooling around with some great foreplay antics, and LOADS of full-on sex, with multiple orgasms all round – I just couldn’t get enough of her!And, just to return to ‘classy’. I’d had an exceptional time, and we were winding up, with me ready to take a much-needed shower (it had been ‘all go’, lol!), when Elizabeth noticed time was running away with her. She was clearly a bit embarrassed, but very gently, and with real ‘sensitivity’, intimated I had to get a bit of a move-on because she had to be somewhere soon. It was absolutely no problem at all for me – we had run over time, anyway – and with her being so good about it, and so lovely anyway, I was more than happy to hurry myself up. But she still let me enjoy my shower, get dressed without rushing, and kissed me off at the door, leaving me to bounce off down the street, satisfied, ‘drained’ and euphoric. Fantastic lady – I’ll be seeing her again for another classy-naughty romp!

by Andrew on Elizabeth
My first threesome

I have been lucky to have met Elizabeth 3 times, and being so inspired by her recent blog, decided to try out a threesome with her friend. Excited, apprehensive but wanting to fulfill an ambition, the evening did not let any of my hopes down. Elizabeth arrived looking sensational, Maya arrived soon afterwards and my mind was blown on how beautiful she looked as well. It was all anyone could hope for an evening. What followed for the next 2 hours was amazing and will linger long in the memory. Both ladies, exquisitely performing with each other and me has left me fully contented and I can’t wait for our next adventure with each other. Elizabeth is so special, so stunning, so loving you just can’t wait till the next time you meet. Thank you for an amazing evening xx

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