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Elizabeth of London
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by F. on Elizabeth of London
You are an amazing woman,

Wow. You literally blow me away. You are so cerebral. I am still thinking about all those books you have. I have never considered myself ‘well read’, but I do read a lot. But you are way ahead of me. I am still thinking of all those books on your bookshelf. God, I am envious. You have read them all. Can’t wait until you read The Fountainhead. God I could spend hours talking to you about the merits of Ayn Rand. Ok. I’ll stop. Oh, yeah, you turn me on sexually too. But that wouldn’t happen without that beautiful brain that you possess. My God, you are just an amazing woman. F.

by F. on Elizabeth of London
The thought of making love to you again is incredibly exciting,

So, so good last time. Better this time now that I will feel more relaxed with you (yes, I was intimidated a bit by you last time; or maybe more correct I was little in awe of you). Well you do come across as a very self confident individual who does not suffer fools gladly and knows precisely what she wants. I love that by the way. I find it very erotic to be in the company of such a person. F.

by C & D on Elizabeth of London
Good evening Elizabeth,

Caroline and I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing afternoon. It felt very natural and very sexy. You are quite a lady and I am sure we may say hello again in the future. ❤️💋😘

by Paolo on Elizabeth of London
Thank you, Elizabeth.

I feel happier having met you and spent some time together. You're more alluring than I had expected, and you have a truly beautiful and honest soul. Looking forward to seeing you again some time. Have a lovely day. Paolo xx

by A. on Elizabeth of London
Thank you for a wonderful time.

Hi Elizabeth- thank you so much for a lovely time on Friday. I had a super time and hope we can look to meet again, likely in September. Take care, A.

by D on Elizabeth of London
Wonderful Afternoon

Had an exquisite afternoon with an exquisite woman. She was exactly what I needed: Beautiful, erotic, caring, intelligent and damn funny! The perfect companion. Here’s to next time. XXX

by Luke on Elizabeth of London

Dear Elizabeth, thank you for your relaxing, caring and sweet company. Truly delightful, and it was a day to remember, Luke xx

by MN on Elizabeth of London
Dear Elizabeth,

As I strongly suspected, thank you for your stimulating company. A true paramour experience, which is very rare in this world. I am most grateful for your time. Best regards xx

by Anthony on Elizabeth of London

Thank you for an amazing time, everything was so perfect 👌🏼, see you soon xxx

by Martin on Elizabeth of London
Elizabeth my Dear friend,

As always such an amazing experience with you 🌹 I continue to learn how to please you with your guidance 🌹 I am missing you already 😢😢  See you soon sweetheart, Lots of love, Martin xxx

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