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The perfect Girl Friend Experience!

I remember my last date with Georgio. The Italian businessman, who comes twice a year to London, to oversee his business subsidiary here. And who always books me for a long evening that often lasts into the early hours of the night.

He is an absolute romantic at heart and is the perfect companion for a glamorous evening out. He loves a perfect Girlfriend Experience and couldn’t find a better partner […]

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Escorting for lesbians and threesomes.

A while ago I was out for drinks in a London downtown cocktail bar catching up with two of my girlfriends who are both truly free spirited. One said to me after a few nice drinks: “How can it be that men see escorts and it is accepted but when we ladies like some fun it is hardly available and might be frowned upon.”

“Well” I replied “In my line of […]

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Men and escorts…

People, not only men, have been seeing escorts for as long as modern civilisation is a fact. And for so many different reasons. Often the argument is heard that these kind of visits take place only for sexual purposes and are just a good punt. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some people just see an escort to chat and be with a nice woman and at the physical level […]

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